Medical Marijuana for Dogs

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    cpullano219 New Member

    Found a really interesting article on medical marijuana for treatment of dogs:

    Really wish the vets would give this the research it deserves. With animals, the treatment options could be revolutionary, but without informed consent it's a whole different ball game from having humans try it and tell you how they feel. With the right research, I'm sure it could be fine-tuned though, and help dogs as much as it helps humans. Anyone have any experience with treating a canine with marijuana?
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    ~CReePeR~ Well-Known Member

    My pit has small seizures and excessive saliva at times, I give him a small amount of bud in his food and it fixes him up. If I give it to him once every week or 2 he doesnt have the seizures.

    The shit works, he sleeps the day away and he is very comfortable on the sofa
    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    pot is TOXIC to dogs and cats. never give them cannabis or extracts, or let them get into it. it can make them sick, and seem high. if they consume enough it results in death.

    never give pets pot. ever.

    not even once.
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    Akita2 Active Member

    My female Akita was diagnosed with aggressive cancer before Christmas unfortunately a very bad case. We had been given one month with her until I started her on cana coconut oil,we got another 6 months with her. My only regret was not doing it sooner and even my vet agreed.
    I still give it to my old Akita who gets sore and stiff to help his pains after a long walk.

    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    I'd that them eating it would even be intoxicating. You you know the decarb deal. I'm very interested as well I have a dog with skin issues and anxiety. And then even what's the difference in reaction to the different cannabanoids? I'll have to look into this my self.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    There are other medications that are natural you can use aside from cannabis That are safe for animals
    Cannabis isn't the only plant medicine

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

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    Grandpapy Well-Known Member


    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    I understand as much lol I take care of my babies thank you very much. I use some borax and peroxide diluted with water and it helps a lot but she don't like to get wet. She gets mean lol. Breed and size is a sizable factor here as well. There huge matobolism differences between small and large breeds. That's why them Lil yapy things live almost 20 years and if a big breed makes it to about 12 that's pretty good. What do you think pet people?

    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    Especially in the way of pain.Most all mess they give to dogs is the same stuff we take in way smaller doses. And I can't personally say I have any faith in pharmaceuticals.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    I have a husky lab
    Does yours have separation anxiety or ?
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    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    I have one that's just anxious all the time. Kinda about like me. She acts out sometimes tears little things up sometimes. I have three and there are fine at home alone. No kennels just leave the TV on and leave food and water. I knows it's silly bit when the TV isn't on they get into shot lol its like having hairy 2yr olds. I have a red healer/terrier mix a Rhodesian/American bulldog and a pit/pointer and or blue healer mix. 2 are shelter dogs were on the kill list and the Ridgeback came frome a lady who's pure breed Ridgeback got knocked up by the neibors dog lol so he was kinda adopted 2 just paid the lady 30 for the shots she already got them.

    I'm not a fan of breeding except in the case for service type dogs police seeing eye cadaver dogs and shit cool why wouldn't you. But these disgusting asa puppy farms need to be shut down. People say oh look especially with husky breed awww so cute I want. Well those are running as hyper dogs and then after a year they art cute anymore or what ever folks got to tell them selves at night to sleep. And guess what they do they take a dog they spent 500+$ on and dump it in the country or at the kill shelters. It's fucking stupid and a waste of life. It's sad really. Plus it takes a lot of inbreeding to get pure breeds mix breed tend to live quite a bit longer and have less health problems. Like take a pug or and English Bulldog those dogs can't even fucking breathe! They are basically down syndrome dogs or something not to be mean but that's what inbreeding does its not natural.
    OK I'm done now lol
    Are the pics fixed yet btw? :blsmoke:

    lahadaextranjera Well-Known Member


    My friends dog has leishmania and the vet drugs weren't working so they put her on my CBD cat RSO mix and all her hair grew back. My friends were so impressed that they got clones off me and grew some also.

    I started making pet RSO because my cats 8 weekly injections for FIV were reducing to 5 weeks. My vet has been amazing and worked alongside me. She did her own research and has been so impressed by my cats results. He now is back at 8 weeks and weighs more than ever before at this point.

    I have just harvested a new type called CBD therapy which had a 20:1 ratio of CBD/THC.

    Canna pet . Com may be worth a look for over the counter CBD products.
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    Akita2 Active Member

    You faith in pharmaceuticals? I'm shocked biggest corruption ever.
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    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    A cat that lived at the place I was working at a few months ago consumed some petrol based insect poison and got extremely sick, it had serious seizures and muscle problems and couldn't walk and was flipping over a shit, real horror show stuff. anyway after a day of seeming to start recovering then getting way way worse again I made it a quiet corner and tucked it in, we were going to take him in to be put down in the morning cause I was certain from the behaviour and the seizures that it wa s brown bread, I only smoked the joint with him to try and knock him out a bit and calm him down until morning and within 20 minutes he was up and able to walk around and eat and drink, most incredible thing I have seen weed do and I've been around it being used as medicine since I was a child

    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    The cat went on to make a full recovery after feeding and care for the next couple of weeks
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    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything about how animals absorb cannabinoids or know much about where I stand on giving animals mind altering substances but the next time I see a cat have seizures from poisoning I won't be waiting a minute to give it some cannabis

    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    I don't
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    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    For dog or other animal or human cancers check out

    Skin cancer, tumors, other cancers. Endless testimonials with many graphic pictures. Dogs, horses and other animals with tumors plus people. It works.
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    masuro Member

    hi, have the same sad news on my dog. she is nearly twelwe and has very rare hearth cancer. She is now in very good condition since out great vet discovered it very early. I am decided to start to treat her with cannabis. Still not sure what would be thc best model, I have CBD therapy with 6 percent of CBD and 0,5 THC. Also have weed 8-8 CBD THC. Any ideas what would be the best ratio CBD THC for small dog? I want to start with very low dose

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