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  • Hey there, I'm in Barcelona for a while with my sister, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping us get a membership at a few places, many thanks, Matt.
    Head down to Kush club with your passport. Address on Facebook. Free to join!
    i thought the same a commercial grower,used to growing in large scale venue's asking for advice ,holy moly it's the drug squad,or this kush is making me parah lol
    Can you get blue dream in spain,regular i was in canary islands this year and met someone at a market that claimed he had it but he was not there the next day.The one place that would be nice to live perfect growing conditions tried some sativa while there his own strain i have seeds of that very nice smoke
    Hola Lahada,
    We moved to Barcelona 3 mos ago. We've joined 2 clubs in El Born, but are interested in clubs closer to where we live in Eixample. We're want to join GreenAge, but can't seem to get them to reply to e-mails. Can you help us there? Also, can you recommend any other good clubs in Eixample?
    You're doing God's work for helping people like this - thank you so much!
    - Laura
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    Hey Laura, my friend owns Greenage. Let me know when you want to join and I'll Whatsapp him beforehand.
    Wow, that would be awesome! Tonight at 7pm would be great, if they're ok with that.
    You're fabulous! I hope we'll have a chance to meet you there sometime.
    I can't figure out how to PM here. Whats the best way to reach you (or you can PM me and I'll figure out how to reply?)
    Hi Lahada! Me and my gf will be visiting BCN this July. Maybe you can explain to me how would it be possible to get in some decent quality club and how this should all work? Please drop PM, thanks a lot! :)
    Hey Lahadaextranjera......I see you were doing Blue Rhino. I have 23 going in the 6th week of flowering. I was wondering how long you flowered yours for? Thanks.
    It depends on your pheno. Some are 60 and my chosen one is 65 days.
    yo wats it like in barcelona...I been to Ireland and Germany but never spain...
    Hi. I'm going to live in Barcelona from march on. Would it be possible for you to help me join a club? Toss me a PM if you have the time, I would appreciate it :)
    Hi. I'm moving to Barca next week and saw that you might be able to help me join a club? Any help would be appreciated!
    Good morning! I'm actually pretty good, thanks! I've been loving the pics of your cutie in Guell park. It is so beautiful there! Paradise.
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