Maui. Supply me with some info?

Discussion in 'Hawaii Patients' started by Kodank Moment, Nov 18, 2013.

    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Hoping to move to maui within the next 4-6 months. Was curious what housing costs, food costs and weed costs were like.

    I have hotel experience, all aspects, so finding a job would be cake for me.

    Help a senior member/fellow stoner get some answers!


    MrMcFreely Member

    I know it's more expensive than CA. Everything is shipped in so things that you take for granted in the 48 like milk and gas are outrageously expensive. Also there is a HUGE meth problem.
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Ya that's what I have heard. I know the cost of living is up there but it is gonna be myself and 4 other people.

    MKGROW Well-Known Member

    Im not on maui but yes everything is high there. Gas alone is over $4.00
    A gallon.

    rikdabrick Well-Known Member

    As fa
    As far as I know, I'm the only one active on here from Maui and just FYI, the Hawaii Growers thread gets more action than the Hawaii Patients sub forum, it's pretty dead here. I can hit you up with info from my computer tonight if you need more info, but real quick rent is stupid high, gas is pretty good right now: $3.55 at regular gas stations, $2.65 at Costco; Costco is killing it, but it's packed out too because there is only one here. $20/gr, $50/eighth, $250/ounce, $2400-3200/lb are pretty normal prices for weed. And a note to the wise; leave your mainland attitude, baggage, thoughts of how things should be done and especially driving habits on the mainland and you'll fit in fine. Use the reply button or PM me if you need more info.
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    Rob Kauai

    Rob Kauai New Member

    Costco is a necessity on Maui and you'll save a ton of money buying your groceries and filling up your car there!

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