Mars Hydro not replacing chips. BEWARE

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    I've used these guys for a few years now. I had a good contact within the company who sorted out a large order of 16 lights for a friend after my intital purchase of 2 lights, with which I was impressed.

    Now here is where the problem starts and the impression stops - my lights have burned out some of the diodes. They haven't been used for their recommend lifetime or anywhere near.

    My contact within the company seemed very happy to help at first and send replacement chips, then said she couldn't find any record of my purchases in their system. Not my name, address- nothing. Nor any proof of my friends order in which he spent over £15,000. (Thankfully his lights are okay just now) but the rep basically accused me of lying saying he never received his order and they had no record of it!

    They needed the original purchase order which I don't have, it was 3 house moves ago! Without it they will do nothing for me, despite being in contact with their rep for almost 2 years and getting them a large sale through a friend. Very very ridiculous.

    Beware if you want to get anything warrantied by them, they seem to be making me run through hoops of fire, and then didn't bother replying to any email communication after that.

    Terrible after sales service unless you want to buy something more from them.
    Lights don't last as long as they should either.

    I will not be getting anything from these guys again. I'll go a more expensive reputable brand in the future, I suggest others do to unless you want a massive headache!

    The lights did their job, but broke before their time was up and that works out too expensive for what they are!
    One unhappy ex Mars Hydro customer.

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    what year is it?

    Gorillaglue4u Well-Known Member

    Could be one of them you get what you pay for type things. Cheap lights cheap company
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    2015. It's been in good storage tho, maybe covered 150 hours maximum.
    Beside that, I got them a very large sale through my recommendation, it was made through the sales rep as well. You would think that would count towards some sort of customer service, but no. The only service is to try and sell you more!

    Leads me to believe they have been built with unprotected parts that are designed to fail /corode/burn out just after the warranty...
    Why does this sound like IKEA?! Hahaha

    Lesson learned! I hope other people will save themselves some headache too

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