Manifolding in Tent then Greenhousing after July 22, 2018 (west coast)

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    Two questions please:
    1. If I was able to grow (3) 7 gal. plants to 2.5 ft. cone-shape plants in my 50" x 50" x 80" tent, can I fit another plant in there using the defoliation and manifold technique? I'm starting seeds May 14th, germinating-to-Solo cup by May 29th, then into (1) gal fabric pots until June 10th, then upcanning to 7 gal. fabric until July 22nd (at the earliest), but will keep them tented on 14/12 lighting until they've had a full 60-day? vegging (but with manifolding, maybe less days in Veg?). After July 22nd the days will have 13 hrs. 58 min. of sunlight, and when moved to the greenhouse, they'll begin flowering automatically. That's my plan for this season of one and done. Any flaws pop-out that I missed? Thanks!
    My plan includes manifolding:
    And Schwazzing:

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    With manifolding to get a decent size plant you will probably need 60 days of veg. I would think it would fit with the other 3 in a 50x50 tent. The manifold plant will take up more horizontal space than the plants you let grow straight up though.
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    h-mmmmm. Ok. I'm going to try and raise (4) plants in the 50x50. 60-days of veg is the norm for me, and with the sativa's 72-80 days of flower. All of the manifolded. When I start from seed on May 14, account for the two weeks it takes to get them into Solo cups, then (1) gallon plastic pots, and on to 7-gal. fabric, they'll have 60-days+ of veg when July 22 arrives, and flowering becomes automatic in the green house. I may have to enlist a helper to ferry them into the greenhouse at 60-days, but looking forward to this one and done season. Thanks for the tips.

    Plus, I need to ask this. Last year Rockwell labs released 3-In-One, a labeled insecticide that includes cannabis on the label. I used it last year during Veg. It kills everything that crawls, eats, or flies. Aphids?? What aphids? I mean there is NOTHING left alive one day after application. But, since 3N1 is based on "mint" juice, farmer warned me that spraying anything "oil" on buds would contaminate them. I'd have to agree on the solvent aspect, just wondering if anyone has used 3N1 on flowers or on anything?
    Love the stuff. Read the label: •• " Excellent product for use on cannabis"
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