4x2x5 LED Grow - Qush & Pandora's Box (TGA) and Love (Alphakronik)

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    Hi all! Long time lurker and on and off grower for the past 10 years or so. Just got the opportunity to begin a grow after many years so I wanted to post it to document the journey and get advice from you seasoned cultivators.

    My space is super limited so I will be vegging and flowering in a 4x2x5 grow tent with a Advanced Platinum P300 light (fine for vegging for now but want to upgrade to an Electric Sky 180 or 300 to flower with & then move the P300 into a 2x2 veg tent). I plan to eventually have these two tents and a small clone box to use as a personal perpetual grow. In my 4x2, I have a 4 inch blower w/carbon filter and two clip on fans to circulate air throughout the grow space. Temps are ranging from 70-79 and humidity is between 28-50% (Colorado is dry so I am always making sure there is enough humidity in the tent until the plants are large enough to create it for themselves). I have a little Pyrex dish of water that I refill and change out with one of my tent fans blowing across it to help raise humidity.

    My medium is soil and I am using FF Light Warrior to start plants off in and then am transplanting to a mixture of 70% FF Ocean Forest and 30% perlite for drainage. Water is from the tap (going to order a RO system soon) and PH'd between 6.5-7. Nutrients are just going to be the Foxfarm soil trio, maybe a little Cal/Mag as well and some molasses during flower. Plants are started in Solo cups and then transplanted to either 1 gal or 3 gal smart pots.

    My plan is to run these three strains out to see which I would like to keep in the perpetual grow. I am going to take clones from each plant as soon as I am able to and then immediately flower them to prevent them from outgrowing the space. I have no need to make any of these more bushy so I will not be topping or training unless vertical growth becomes a concern. I am hoping for a high female ratio, but it will not be a problem if half are males, seeing as how my tent is pretty small. There are 13 plants total, 5 Pandora's Box, 5 Qush, and 3 Love (Harlitsu x Kimbo Kush). The pictures below are of the 10 TGA plants at 4 days from starting germ (soak 24 hr, then paper towel) and the 3 Love plants at 20 days from germ. They are all looking super healthy and happy, the Love is looking real stout and bushy and was just transplanted into those 3 gal containers. I'll prob just do 1 gal for the others to save space and money.

    I'd be stoked if you all followed my grow and please feel free to offer any tips, tricks, and questions along the way. I grew a fair amount in my younger years but I am probably still around an intermediate level so I am always looking to learn. Thanks!

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    Looking good so far... Look forward to seeing more.


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    Quick update - pulled the trigger on a Timber 300 watt 3VL with 3000k spectrum last night! Should be a huge upgrade from my current P300 and will rock that space come flower time. Going to pop the P300 into a 2x2 tent for vegging purposes, should work just fine. Big thanks to @RainDan for being helpful and awesome to work with. Can't wait to see what kind of fine ganja I can grow with this badass light system! [​IMG]
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    Here are a few pics of the plants from today! It's day 21 from seed for the Love and day 5 from seed for the 10 TGA sprouts. Just got a ppm meter in the mail today and holy crap, my tap water is around 500....not good. The plants seem to be very happy right now but I am planning on getting an RO filter and using that water, supplemented with Cal/Mag until I being feeding with bottled nutrients. I imagine using water with a starting ppm of 500ish will cause a lot of "hard water" crap to end up getting stuck in the root zones as time goes on... Any suggestions on a good, cheap RO system are very welcome! fam.jpeg Love Day 21.jpeg TGA Day 5.jpeg
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    Howdy yall, quick update here. Plants are all doing well, although I have noticed some brown/rust looking spotting on a couple fan leaves on two of the three older "Love" plants. I think it's the high PPM tap water I've been using locking out some Calcium so my plan is to flush well with distilled water with around 100PPM worth of cal mag, PH'd to 6.5ish. Leaving town this Friday so I am a bit nervous of being away from them and things getting worse but I have a buddy who will be able to come check on them and water if needed. If anyone has anything different they would do about this issue, please let me know! Thanks. Leaf spots2.jpeg Leaf spots1.jpeg

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    Day 10 for the TGA gear and day 26 for the Love. Just topped the three Love plants, hoping for some good bushy growth. fam 12-13.jpeg Love day 26.jpeg TGA day 10.jpeg

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