Manic bipolar, intermittent explosive disorder

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    Hey y’all.

    Thank God for this place. I’ve learned a whole lot...

    Getting into growing. Got all the equipment. Building soil. Going slow, getting lots of pro advice.

    Now I’m going to order some seeds and I really want a strain that isn’t just high yielding or potent or popular- I really need to grow something that will fucking help me ha. I have pretty severe bipolar disorder, maybe something even a bit more extreme. I get so blindly manic, suddenly and intermittently. Not always, but often times it is expressed with blind rage that’s gotten me into boat loads of trouble throughout life. I’ve relied on bud forever, it’s the only thing that snatches me out of that severely disassociated place my mind goes to. Now I’m not walking around like an angry schizo all day, I’m actually very regular with a nice family and home and regular life, but this mind of mine loses itself sometimes... thus the home grow.

    Looking for suggestions on strains I guess? Something that will really kind of take me down a notch.... someone with bipolar or liable to fits of rage have something that works for them?



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    Sounds like you need to goto a dispensary and get one of everything .

    Different strains help different people honestly its hard to choose one strain for somone.


    If i had to guess, id get heavy , couch lock, sleepy weed

    Sensi star

    Something to calm your mind rather than ramp it up like a landrace sativa lol

    Also when you go ro harvest. Let it go an extra week or two until you see 20+% amber, and also research how to properly dry and cure . To have a calming effect
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    lokie Well-Known Member

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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Well you seem to have it figured out.

    Good luck
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    TheBeardedBudzman Well-Known Member

    Lol, I didn’t write that. I appreciate your response more than you know, and am researching your suggestions now. Thanks for the tips on extra amber color on trichs and proper curing. Looking into referenced strains now. Thank you
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