Maine Outdoor 2020 (first timer)


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Just make sure everything's battened right down tonight because the wind may be fierce for a bit in this storm.

Hopefully we'll be OK if a drying breeze dries things off tomorrow afternoon/evening. Supposed to be less humid and maybe we'll get more breeze and a good shot of sun tomorrow.

It may be my imagination but I swear some of these colas are getting visibly bigger overnight now. The other thing I notice is that the aroma seems a bit less pronounced that it was last week. Still present but a little less "in your face."


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Boy how things can go south fast. Scrambled the past 2 days trying to harvest a few plants that I almost lost. I did lose one full plant to rot (1.5-2 lbs of bud). Was fine a few days ago. Total loss. We had our 4th hard frost in a week followed by extreme humidity/rain and a few of my plants couldn’t take it. Every leaf on two plants were brown and crumpled. Chopped those ones and other than looking like hell, should be ok after the final trim job. Harvested another I found a lot of needed one more week but not rolling the dice as I did with the other one I lost. On a positive, I’ve cut 3 so far that were done. Have two more ready that will get done over the next few days and two that are a couple weeks out. Lotta work. I’ve trimmed 24 of the past 48 hours.

The trials and tribulations of outdoor growing. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control. Lol. Noooooope.

First pic is about 1/4 of what I’ve trimmed. Last two are some of the buds that got frost bite.

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Nice work. Sorry about the rot. Bet the frostbit ones will be fine. Good luck on the last few.

Big rain and wind happening here pre-dawn and through the morning, then hopefully things dry out after lunch.