Lung discomfort and trouble breathing AFTER quitting smoking


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So, I had smoked quite heavily for about 3 month’s. Not as much at first (2 to 3 times a week for the first month, then almost every other day through the second, and daily by the third). Very suddenly I started to have some breathing issues which I originally chalked up the allergies- and I decided to lean away from smoking because of it. But, despite being about 4 weeks clean now I still have intermittent breathing issues with no apparent pattern to them. A few days ago I had a scare where I was having breathing issues and actually believed I was having an asthma attack but when I arrived at the hospital my blood oxygen levels were fine. The only thing of note was that my heartrate was quite high, but after a visit to a cardiologist a few days afterwards they quickly chalked that up to anxiety. Which would make sense, as I have always been an easily been an easily startled person and having a doctor repeatedly ask “Have you used cocaine? Heroin?? Opium? Meth??” and then moments later say “We need to rush him to critical” would probably put the scare in any sane person (I should note that I don’t think the doctor was out of line- if I had been lying about not being on the drugs and then had something go horribly wrong it would have looked very, VERY bad on the doctors. And to all who are wondering, my heartrate was around 140 when I first arrived and around 200 when they were rushing me to critical care). Also at the cardiologist’s they did scans of my throat and lungs on top of my heart- and as stated before my blood oxygen levels and heartrate have been absolutely fine aside from the event in the hospital. And after receiving several blood tests with several different doctors, all of them came back so clean they were surprised I cruddy at all. (It should also be noted that I alerted all my doctors of my marijuana smoking habit’s)

The thing that has gotten to be at least moderately alarming is a strange discomfort in my lungs when taking very deep breaths (which I sometimes need to do- as I still am having some trouble breathing). It is never a stinging pane, and never even really one that I find unbearable, but it is noticeable. The only time I really notice it being really truly uncomfortable Is after waking up when I have my window open on cold mornings… And normally no matter how bad the discomfort is it is normally fixed with a quick hot shower, or a warm beverage of some sort.

I should also point out that I did a little bit of experimentation after all the doctor’s visits to see if I could force myself to get (As the doctors said that the one sign of any major issues would be if I felt persistently dizzy or lightheaded ). I ran a full mile, did a few sets of pushups and pullups, then basically gave myself a sobriety test to see if I was impaired at all. Even though I was more winded then I would have been before I started smoking, I didn’t feel dizzy. So I am certain at this point that the breathing issues I am having are a result of the healing process.

SO, my questions today are more about what I should go about doing to maybe speed up the process of healing? What can I do? Here are some things I am already planning on doing:

  • Purchasing a HEPA air purifier to leave running in my room (My office is in my room, so I spend most of my time in there)

  • Purchasing a pedal exercise machine- one of the small ones that you can use while at a desk (Such as this )
  • Drinking TONS of water (Though, I do this already)
  • Drinking a glass of two of red wine every 1 to 3 days
  • Replacing coffee with green tea as my default morning beverage
  • Once a day 1 to 2 mile walks, and eventually starting swimming exercise’s again once its warm enough to use the river nearby my house.
  • Continue taking a daily Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement (Centrum Men, to be specific)
NOTE: Most of these choices are not only to encourage my lungs to recover, but also because I would like to live a healthier lifestyle in general!

As a final note- I should point out that on the recommendation of my doctors and many, MANY forum threads and articles I have read into, if the lung discomfort continues for more than a 1 – 2 month’s or becomes “agonizing” (as it has been worded to me) then I shall not hesitate to seek help.

After I recover (Most likely in about 2 to 6) I plan to switch over to herbal vaping (in fact my next thread on these forums may be one asking for recommendation’s on that!). And for the time being I will fuel my desire to get high with nothing but edibles and THC pills. (I actually started a forum thread on how to make them recently, that can be seen here: )

Thanks to all who reply! And my heart goes out to all who may be feeling similar symptoms. But remember- a you should consult your doctor and ask him/her about these symptoms and be honest with them about your smoking habit’s before you go jumping to conclusions.

Peace ✌


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I'm no doctor but swimming and riding my bicycle do wonders for my respiratory health. I have asthma and I'm allergic to cats and dogs- so naturally I have one of each. Daily aerobic exercise is key to my respiratory health. Swimming is the best.


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I don't want to say smoking isn't bad for you, but for me pollen/environment is more of a problem. I smoke all day long, cough lots but it's from the air in town/valley.

I smoked my last bowl Thursday before having surgery Friday morning witch took place 100 miles from home high on a hill and a mile away from the Ocean (mostly pollen free).
Ive been on Morphine for 5 days, and coughed once.
Now if I could just shit they would let me leave man i miss my weed.


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I stopped for 8 months and was coughing up tar and what not for a couple months after, you'll be fine...Just started up not too long ago and back comes the tar. I smoke cigs too, have to quit that shit. Hope ya feel better dude


How about a vaporizer? The DaVinci Ascent works great for me at reducing coughing to almost nil.


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+rep to everyone actually reading that post..

i didnt

but id probably guess you broke em and need a lung transplant


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+rep to everyone actually reading that post..

i didnt

but id probably guess you broke em and need a lung transplant
To sum it up, the dude has lung or anxiety issues and was venting about it.

But he would like to know what is a good herbal vape?