Low Stress Training (LST) Guide

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    You can move the pins or just untie the pipe cleaners from the pins without touching the branches. What’s great about the pins is that you can put them anywhere on a fabric pot.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Been using these for yrs, work great, can make a soft hook that pressures the stem in no way and get a good bind to the safety pin. Only thing is with the salt in the nutes the pins are only good for one run, :)

    This was in early training, 1/21
    20180121_094003 (2).jpg

    Not sure if this is the same plant, they are all the same clones but this was taken earlier this week, prior to retying them down more. Day 21
    20180219_090008 (2).jpg
    This was taken on day 23 of 12/12. They were about to come out of the tent to do a little trim and retying.
    20180221_085938 (2).jpg

    Same day different angle to show the amount of yellow pipe cleaners I used.
    20180221_085946 (2).jpg

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    Just wanted to give you another thanks for the tip. I went and got a pack of clothespins and set them up. The plants seem to be loving getting bent around so easily. I have been trying to move the pins in the morning and evening while the lights are on and I think it's really going to pay off with more developed bud sites.


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    Also another question for the more experienced growers:

    I have been spinning the pots as regularly as I can to promote even light distribution.

    I've also been gently bending fan leaf shoots strategically to allow more light to penetrate. Is this a good idea or doing more harm than good?

    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    Nope, thats fine,, your not hurting her. Just keep in mind, if 2 leafs are covering eachother, they cant breath, and condensation gets trapped and cant evaporate, which can lead to problems.

    Better to bend then to clip off in the veg state.
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    Andrewk420 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that's what I was trying to avoid by bending the ones I did. A couple had made a "double fan leaf shield" over a lower part of the plant. I bent them back apart a little but it didn't seem to break.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Day 35 12/12

    Prior to retying the plants.
    20180305_083215 (2).jpg

    After LST and retied back down.
    20180305_085106 (2).jpg

    Day 38 and they already need to be tied back down.
    20180308_205353 (2).jpg
    Couple of pics of pheno #5 that is a Monster Crop, was 33 days into flower when I took the clone. This was on 12/26/17
    20171226_101718 (2).jpg

    Yesterday 20180308_104218 (2).jpg 20180308_104149 (2).jpg

    20180309_081938 (2).jpg

    Not sure what I will do next, the ladies in the tent have about 3 weeks to go and then I go on a few week trip. She will go into the tent after these ladies finish and will continue to veg for a month plus more. Would like to put her into flower late May so she will be ready mid August. Another option would be to grow it for clones and do a SOG, but I get better returns off my vertical grows. Then it's back to my 5 plant vertical grow with screens, going to try Big Buddha Cheese again. Last attempt failed but different setup this time, drip system and no Blumats.
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    Nothing crazy cool like @gr865 above me, but I appreciate what I learned in this thread. My plants are small, but mighty, and the LST tips from here were the catalysts.

    These are the two plants from my earlier posts on this page, now at about 20 days into flowering:



    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Get em while they are still young


    I like using some sort of container to grow them in to tie the strings to. (Current grow is in buckets for this reason and its cheap).


    Next thing you know


    Perfectly fills the tent and you dont need a net

    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    that basket, = genius
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    here is an update on the fireOG above. She has had a ruff life, lol.. slow start, had to CPR her 3 times, didnt really start growing till 50 days from seed, transplant shock, cold, all kinds of things.. Her she is now, 120 days from seed, 28 day flower since flip. The last pic is a male, which i pollinated my FireOG. Since it was my first try at this, Im naming the offsprings as, FireStarterOG, lol.. She has 60 colas, and a bunch hidden inside.

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    QuikWay Well-Known Member

    LST FTW.... will never top after doing this...
    I just used staples no strings or anything. the last picture 2022 is of a plant that was topped and then LST... it only has 5 main colas and will not grow any more main colas...
    The 1893 and 2025 pictures are 2 weeks apart.... all my untopped plants have 8 - 9 main colas and could have more if i kept LSTing... but they are bushy enough for me... i want height, now.

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    Fiete Active Member

    Watcht my Alien vs Triangle Autoflower on Day 35

    I do LST after Day 15 now she Explode!

    How you like that?


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Just a little update on my Monster Crop LSD plant.

    4/19 a couple of days before major trim

    4/22 gave her a good trim, took everything below the 4th node twisted and bent smaller branches around to fill the center

    4/27 and here is was yesterday 5 days from major trim, still moving the branches around to get best position for flower

    4/28 here she is today, removed some fans, will remove more in the days to come, flip and then not touch her till day 21 of flower.

    20180428_163507.jpg keeping her low
    20180428_163518.jpg having to bend the tips as they are growing beyond the screen
    20180428_163525.jpg she has just about totally filled the screen

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    QuikWay Well-Known Member

    hoooollyyyyy shit.. those skinny leaves make my heart sing..
    your plant is beautiful. your LST work is art haha. very nice.
    this looks like the absolute best way to take advantage of my 150w hps(I'm not sure what height the light reach maxes out/how tall of a plant they can handle)
    thank you for this post. i will probably try this on my next grow.
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    Started small

    Started small Active Member


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    Master_Tabi Well-Known Member

    What do you people think about my tree? Advice and criticism much appreciated opinions as well!

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    Lewist Member

    Thanks for the advice. Very informative

    Piratemccall Active Member

    I start my plants the same way, I figure want to spur side growth but not lose big % of vegetation by cutting.

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