Looking to up my bubble game!

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    You could cheat, add aquatic plants to your sump and give them CO2 and light. They push the water full of oxygen.

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    Tstat Well-Known Member

    SO, now that my bubble game is where it should be, I wonder about lighting. Yes, I just switched to cob and so far I am loving the energy savings and quality of the product, but...
    I was thinking maybe I should add a bar light or strip of some type to the far wall- maybe something like this:
    Bar Light.
    What do you guys think? Right now I'm at 800 watts in a 7x3 space...
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    i'm at 480w in 3x4 which seems pretty good. 40w/sq ft.

    one thing i did add for this grow is a 4 bulb T5 with 2 actinic blue bulbs and 2 6500k bulbs. i think the cobs were lacking blue in my last few grows with them.
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