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    Zakmac420 Member

    Idk if this is allowed or not, but i live in Oregon. I am looking for someone who lives in Oregon (or honestly anywhere in usa) who would be willing to trade contact info and communicate about each others grow with pics and updates so we can be more intimate in our marijuana growing exp. I personally have never been able to commit to a forum but i am trying
    But id like to have a simple phone number i can send photos or questions to and build a relationship so im not getting feedback from a billion people who cant actualmy give me the best advice because there are ALOT of symptoms that are present in MANY different scenarios so not having someone follow your whole grow, but taking advice and putting it into action is absolute insanity to me. I used to do it and i found that (not every time but most times) someone would tell me my problem and back it up with pics and info but have 1 or 2 people do the same and i fully believe my issue is 3 different ones when really its just one of them, AND i end up starting internet forum fights because people are so prideful.

    ANYWAYS, im looking for a handful of people to create relationships with involving growing. Prefferably someone in oregon (im in oregon city) because not only could we pull together our resources but the climate is similar and its easier to relate and help with issues. But i honestly dont care where you live.i need some more growing buddies!!!

    *Respect thy neighbor*
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    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    I hope you find what you are looking for. Ive been looking twenty years and still only converse with a friend from High School. For me its a problem finding people with my hunger level. Ill grow anything anywhere anytime. If I make my way to Oregon ill be seeing yah B)

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Until its rescheduled I think you're going to be hard pressed to find anyone willing to give out personal details over an anonymous weed site to someone who has a brand new account.
    It takes time to build the kind of relationships you're looking for.
    Why not hang around and talk/share with other growers here that have similar growing styles.
    Start a grow journal of your own. Earn some credibility.
    Or go mingle at some of your local cannabis events. Surely you'll find like minded folk there.

    blake9999 Well-Known Member


    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    Dead! Thanks man needed that laugh.
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    Bernie420 Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE="Zakmac420, post: 14063840, member: 986471"

    and i fully believe my issue is 3 different ones when really its just one of them, AND i end up starting internet forum fights because people are so prideful.

    *Respect thy neighbor*[/QUOTE]

    It always is three diferent ones ---the issue your having is one, the issue your gunna have from the first issue you have is two and the issue your going to have from the issue you got from the issue you had in the first place is the third issue you got.
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    Zakmac420 Member

    Lol no im not the cops. Good one tho haha. And theres nothing illegal about growing weed and i implied commiting no crimes.but i do see how a new user asking that would be wierd. But i didnt originally see it that way.

    Anyways. Ive decides to SOG but ive never done it nor know anyone. Is it best to stick with 1 strain or is multiple okay? Also, im trying to figure out the math on how many clones i would need per week to keep my rotation going. My ideal rotation would be 8 plants in 1G smart pots every weed after vegging for 3 weeks. I give myself 2 weeks for cloning and 1 week for transplant recovery then the 3 veg, followed with 8 weeks flower. ive tried time and time again to come up with a weekly clone number but failed. So ive resorted to just making sure i always have at least 30 rooted clones and a couple trays of rooting clones at all times and i should be okay. Any extras get spread to friends and fam.

    Zakmac420 Member

    It always is three diferent ones ---the issue your having is one, the issue your gunna have from the first issue you have is two and the issue your going to have from the issue you got from the issue you had in the first place is the third issue you got.[/QUOTE]
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    Zakmac420 Member

    I have 2 huge fruit/veg gardens and 2 flower gardens as well as weed gardens. Im all about growing anything i can just to learn it. I look forward to your visit!
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Start a closed Facebook group. Then come back here when you realise that people here will actually help because even when "pride" does rear it's ugly head here it's nothing compared to some of the retards you'll get via FB.

    Seriously though, I spend time in the Noob and sick plant sections as the information gleaned there is invaluable. Sure, there can be the occasional disagreement (*cough* MiracleGro *cough*) but, in general, you won't get much better advice from one or two people than you will through this collective here as even those you might think of as knobends will still try to pull your ass out of the fire when necessary.

    You ignore the advice, well, even your "growing buddies" will call you a twat.
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    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    Maybe try Craigslist?
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    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    No trust issues here I can think of.

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    No different to here then, ain't as if everyone knows each other here.

    Even if he didn't get "interest" from LEO's etc, it's still a BIG risk saying you'll hand out some rather "delicate" info to an absolute stranger on an internet forum, you're inviting someone to visit you via the window at 2am.
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member


    Daveindiego Well-Known Member

    Lulz, I’m so glad I live where growing and smoking recreationaly is legal.
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    Zakmac420 Member

    Rec and med is legal im OR too.. What do you mean?
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Your best off being anonymous.

    It wont take you to long to learn who the growers are to listen to. Especially if your an out door grower. (The out door growers are way nicer in general, must be the fresh air :hump:)

    Find a forum thread that is what you are doing and become involved. It wont take long for you to build a repour with a few people.

    Most of us are mature and arguments and insults on one thread does not mean we are not agreeing with and supporting each other on others. Be careful in the politics section. It can get harsh in their for those with thin skin. It can also be allot of fun!!

    To your poll. I love growing (but I'm a lazy grower). I'm the guy who rocks up to a party with large joints for people to pass around and a "party bag" for the host but will probably not have a toke myself. I don't smoke much..
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    LOL,,,I quit answering questions in those. It's always the same ol question, with a shit ton of bad answer's. A cpl of close one's and 1 or maybe 2 correct one's. And people are telling the folks with the right answers. That they're wrong....

    Those threads are overcome with BS and Myth.....Personal opinions and thin on facts...opinions are fine but, you get tired of the never ending same questions and the guff from rookies and idiots..
    Miracle Gro IS NOT formulated for cannabis growing.
    Flushing IS a MYTH.
    The use of Si in soil grows, Is not gaining you much of anything.
    The use of bloom boosters is NOT needed!
    Don't "lower" the N at the flip.....Wait 2 weeks. OR Don't switch to "bloom" feeds at the flip. Wait 2 weeks.
    Molasses in late bloom for taste and bud size, is a myth.
    Less is more!
    AN, H&G, and any nutrient line with more then 3 bottles....Is stealing money from you! (If you buy more then the base nutrient line)
    In fact, You can get just as good and better results! From 2 bottles and 2 homemade supplements.
    This list could go on and on....

    Good luck..

    Daveindiego Well-Known Member

    That we are blessed to live in areas where we don’t need to worry about weed anymore.

    Everyone in this thread got all paranoid about this. We don’t need to live in paranoid fear any longer.

    Zakmac420 Member

    Almost everything you said i agree with. I use FloraNova and they have 3 bottles i use, plus liquid karma and cal mag plus. I for one think using all of these makes better bud. But thats just in my experience. But i hate when someone says THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM. But you get 5 people telling you something different and when I was new at this it really confused me and cause more problems than I would have had if I just dealt with it myself. People need to use their past experiences and tell you what it was for them, not tell you they know exactly what your problem is when they have never even seen your grow let alone talk to you before
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