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    I currently use my own fertilizer mix but on my first grow I used GH 3 part and had no problems the plants seem to get plenty of nutes from the fog and don't show any problems. later this week I will visit a friend with a 6 foot plant grown this way to shown some pics of that

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    A cheap fogger float is pretty easy to make. Cable tie quarter circle sections (2" thick) of pool noodle to the rim of a 3" netpot. Sit the fogger in the netpot. You may have to adjust the noodle thickness or number of pieces to get the right amount of bouyancy to set the fogger at the correct depth.
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    That is a gorgeous vid. I have been playing with a singlenthay we found at a pet store. It's quite nice, and I now I'm very excited to see what you've done with yours. I love learning from someone else's stack.

    Thanks, bro!
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