Leaves yellowing from the bottom and falling off

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    GreenDream74 Member

    I have 3 plants about 31 days into flower and have noticed what looks like is a N deficiency going on from the bottom up. The leaves start to yellow and once they are yellow, they brown, curl and fall off.

    The reason I don’t believe it is a N deficiency is I have been making sure my plants are getting plenty of N in their feedings still. I’m thinking it might be a lockout, because it seems to be getting worse after I just feed them. I clipped a couple leaves last night so I can look at them for sure tonight that they are getting worse.

    I know it’s hard to tell without pics but I have a couple from my last feeding and the tops of the plants are still looking healthy, but the sickness is defineatly starting to progress upwards.

    A little more info about my setup
    600W HPS
    2 Purple Urkles 1 Pure Kush
    Ocean Forest Soil
    Temps range from 75-70 at lights on 68-61 lights off
    Humidity stays between 30-40%
    Been following GH Flora feeding schedule with
    Flora 3 part and GH floralicious plus with liquid koolbloom and calimagic

    Pure Kush

    Purple Urkles
    3B861A38-DDC0-4610-9A5E-05C9C1E7B477.jpeg 24B191AC-FF00-4446-ADCA-94A4E8DCCF1F.jpeg

    Example of what leaves look like but they are bottom inner leaves

    AD4BDC52-E6C7-47DF-B25B-BACA0B1C05F9.jpeg EE5EE470-7404-4751-828F-CE44271C24D3.jpeg

    Will get more pics later tonight at lights on of leaves on the plant
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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    By no means a pro and abit early, but lower leaves to tend to yellow and die in late flower. The bottom left pic looks natural dead leaf but right looks different colors and not so natural. How long does the strain flower on average?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    They only die when they have to cannabalize them selves to fix deficiency. Or thirst

    Did you have a dry period and they sucked the life outa the leaves:)

    They look too good to be deficient imo

    GreenDream74 Member

    Purple urkle is 60-65 days
    Pure kush is 9 weeks

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    If its just the few leaves dont even worry about it :)
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Deficiency and lockout will look the same.
    By the discription you gave in the post, you may have over shot the nitro. You leaves are really quite dark aswell.
    If it was deficient you would probably have, a light even fade.
    Hope this helps.
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    GreenDream74 Member

    I have been watering them every 4th day, maybe they’re are starting to dry out more quickly?
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Just give em water. Nitrogen overdose, is one of the hardest to rid.
    You're just gonna have to ride it out.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I would change nothing unless more leaves start to turn..

    Did you have any dry days where they dropped?
    They will drop leaves after that .

    It still doesnt look bad enough to be concerned with
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    Venus55 Well-Known Member

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    GreenDream74 Member

    Havent had any dry days really have stuck to a pretty strict schedule
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    GreenDream74 Member

    6.5 going in havent check out in awhile
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    Youngleg3nd3073 Member

    I have a similar problem leAves turning yellow and crumbling and the whole plant is drooping down someone please help!!!

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Got me bud like i say they look too happy to be deficient so good job there.

    Like i say i wouldnt worry about it unless more pop up

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    @GreenDream74 - you don't have any issues man. Those plants look like they've been getting plenty of nitrogen in their feeding schedule.

    Don't let a few lower yellowing leaves get you discouraged to begin thinking you need to start chasing deficiencies that don't exist. Those lower leaves don't get much light because of the multiple layers of leaves canopying over them, and plants naturally will shed lower leaves like that.

    Keep on doing what you've been doing and enjoy the smoke when it's done!

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    You don't have anything similar. OP's pictures show dank & healthy plants. Your plant looks fucked! I noticed the other plants in your picture also have a droopy/clawing look to them. My first instinct tells me that you're overwatering and depriving the roots of oxygen.

    Edit: Since OP's plants are healthy, let's try to help you out because your plants actually look like they need it. Can you post as much information as possible about your environment, feeding dosages and frequency, and pretty much every other thing we'd need to know... If I can't figure it out I'm sure there will be others on here with helpful advice.
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    Youngleg3nd3073 Member

    You reckon it looks like it’s getting worse

    Youngleg3nd3073 Member

    Also the plant is droopy

    GreenDream74 Member

    Alright appreciate it bro. Still getting my first grow under my belt so thought I was maybe making something out of nothing. Figured I’d rather be safe than sorry
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    GreenDream74 Member

    Looks like under watering to me see how your stem is dropped as well

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