Leaf Edges Discoloration? Deficiency, Genetics or Bleaching

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    agree with the diagnosis. instead of cal mag would use All In One by microbe life. Instead of 2,0,0, its o.5, 0.5, 0.5 with all the micro nutes. its very very weak in npk cal and mag, if the problem progresses after that its for sure magnesium and would swich to ebsom salts or mag pro
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    Thanks for your input as well!
    Have been trying to stabilize the nutes and PH the best possible. Feeding schedule regulated decently well. Leaves have shown minor improvements overall but not fully. However the plant itself and most importantly the bud sites have been developing greatly with trichome development as well as fattening of all the bus sites,looks very nice and very healthy... will continue trying to correct the imbalances the best i can,as in actually coming very closely near for flushing and harvest time most likely in a few weeks to maybe a month. Have been inspecting the trike heads under heavy magnification as well as watching the pistils/hairs color change. Faily certain she wont die on me anytime soon lol. Gonna keep up with the cal-mag/watering and feeding as another issue may be in part due to its late flowering stages also pulling more nutes than it has,hence the leaves problems. Or so my speculations go.
    My first plant which is a sativa dominant is showing major signs of deficiencies now though,much much worse than the OP plant i started this thread about. Noteablly its primarally at the very very top cola site off the buds sugar leaves? The long slender finger leaves that shoot off directly from the bud site. Some of the leaves have turned such a rustic dry burned brown theyve cracked holes straight through. Again however,the plant itself does look healthy for the most part. Its definitelty not a very resilient strain as it was bagseed of some unknown (really terrible homegrown) which was like 65% its weight in seeds. So unsurprisngly its not a big "wow'er" and quite frankly pretty bunk,but as a learning experience due to the vast amount of seeds i have gotten (about 1/2oz of seeds...) i decided to try my luck and learn with these and an experiment to keen growing skills without risking waste of one of my more prime seeds. I might as well follow up with more recent updated pics of both plants. Any and all help is very much appreciated! :bigjoint:
    Photos 1-5 plant (1. Sativa)
    Photos 6-7-8-9 plant (2.indica)

    Fairly certain also my primary older indica plant (2) is called Warlock. Cant find any other similar matching indica dominant based strains that ive had,since it was also bagseed but from a very good indica strain which lead me to believe it came from some warlock flower gotten a while ago. Tyia once again!

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    Thank you Dynamo i will most definitely take this up to invest into that NPK type of micro nutes. I only have the GH trio as of currently (minus the veg/grow since i started at 12/12 from day one,probably not the best ill admit,but working out id say decently thus far)
    Have GH calimagic,1-0-0
    Flora micro 5-0-1
    Flora bloom 0-5-4
    And GH ph Up & Down
    I wasnt able to afford much else... it happens but ill do my best to get better suited NPK stuff asap. I do have standard non-fragranced epsom salt as well.

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