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    To your fav. brownie box recipe do the following: Add about one full ounce of decarboxylated weed (even weak stuff works with the supplements) osterized to a fine almost powder (don't burn it in the osterizer, pulse it till fine) into your fav. box recipe. Add brown sugar liberally, a bit of grated rind of lemon and or orange and a teaspoon each of vanilla and almond extract, then add a cup or so of PVW (previously vaped weed) and use cannibutter or oil. BAKE AT 300'! FOR ABOUT 10 TO 15 MIN EXTRA TIME UNTIL A TOOTHPICK WILL STAND UP ALONE IN THE MIDDLE. HOTTER TEMPS BOIL OFF THC AND TERPENES! DEPENDING ON THE STRENGTH OF THE WEED, ABOUT ONE CUBIC INCH OF IT SHOULD SUPPLY ABOUT 150 TO 200 MG OF THC! HAMMER TIME!! I can't undo the overtype here, it's not in the menu above! Anyway, lastly you need to compensate for the added dry matter with extra liquid until the batter is just blended (little lumps left are perfect consistency. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS, ONLY EAT A SMALL AMOUNT UNTIL U ACHIEVE THE DESIRED EFFECT. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

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    i have abt 20 huge plants that I want to use the sugar leaves to make a long shelf life edible any tips? Or recipes or how to make dab pens?

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    Brownies keep in the freezer well if packed tightly.
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    What I do is decarb my trim and old bud in the oven 50 minutes at 225F. Then several hours in a crock pot with coconut oil. {four ounces of weed to 16 ounces of oil is our go to ratio}

    Strain out the plant material, then put in the fridge overnight. Next day thaw it out and filter again. Then you can freeze it. Last for years in the freezer.

    I use about 1.75 ounces of the oil per brownie or cake mix.
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    Thank you "too larry", I too have a Larry. I have the Magic Butter machine I use. I prefer clarified butter. I read somewhere that it's fats are more available to the THC for binding, though more mention coconut oil in the threads. I can't find the answer to this simple question: what moisture content should finished, decarboxylated marijuana be? Since it's variance is great going in, in fact then it follows that using the same temp and timing all the time would seem to be a hit and miss proposition. Knowing what the FINISHED moisture content should be would help each of us guide the other variables into focus to create the best, most potent and stable finished product for cooking. Being harvest time, I'm in the happy predicament as to where to put it all, and plan on the usage during the coming year.

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    Are edibles available for purchase on line anywhere??

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    VG tincture... it is also water soluble and can easily go into many recipes. Tastes a bit like honey with a bit of heat in.

    FOr dab pens press your rosin any buy one of the de waxers...
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    Make your own I do...from candy to meals.
    I make some killer spaghetti….that green stuff isn't oregano its weed lol

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    Decarboxylation is breaking the carbon oxygen double bond of a carboxyl group, which occurs spontaneously with heat. This converts THCA to THC. Heat beyond 240F will start to degrade THC. I recommend the following to make the best cannabutter.

    1. In a crock pot put in 1 part water, 1 part coconut oil, 2 part coursely ground plant. Avoid fan leaves and stems or they will add unwanted flavor with minimal medicinal properties.
    2. Turn crock pot to high until simmer, then turn to low/warm for 4 hours. Carboxylation will occur during this step.
    3. Strain out the plant material by pouring the contents through cheese cloth into a heat resistant container. Don't wring the cheese cloth or it will contribute to the grassy taste.
    4. Place the container into the fridge overnight, or until the coconut oil layer separates and becomes hard enough to scoop out of the container into a sealable jar leaving behind the remaining green water and sediment behind.

    Water boils at 220F, so it keeps the temp below where you would experience THC degradation, but still high enough to allows for decarboxylation.

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