Is this good soil 12-6-20

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    Manofnorth New Member

    So its made of the following stuff:

    -composted soil
    -pressed wood fiber
    -chicken shit

    Limestone 4kg / m3
    N 100mg/l or 520mg/kg
    P 23mg/l or 120mg/kg
    K 405mg/l or 2100mg/kg
    Ph 6,8

    That would be my first choice because of price and availability. Should i add some nutrients to the soil and if so what would you recommend. So these will be grown in northern hemisphere starting at the end of may.

    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    So used soil, peat, some wood, and some hormonal chicken shit. I see why the price is low. It's basically 75%+ recycled wastes.

    I would sooner start off with pure peat, to know where you're at. Aerate it, add castings. Then add your meals and minerals to spec.

    You still have time to make your own castings too from scratch, thats where the magic lies.

    Either way though, I would be adding endo myco and black soldier fly frass.. then they will be protected.

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