Is smoking weed bad for degerative disk disease?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Highyena, May 3, 2018.


    Highyena New Member

    I was formally diagnosed as having some degeneration in a disk in my lumbar area today. No surgery is planned and the doctor didn't seem too concerned about it. I asked what I could do for it and the doctor said not to smoke. Specifically, he said that nicotine was a big issue. When I pressed him about smoking things without nicotine (the only nicotine I smoke is in blunts), he said that all smoking was bad.

    Now I know smoking anything isn't good for your health. But I'm wondering how bad it is for my discs, specifically. Do I have to quit smoking pot entirely? Could I simply cut back? I could definitely quit blunts (though I'd be sad) but I'm reluctant to quit smoking entirely. It's too convenient as opposed to making edibles and then being trashed all day.

    If any of you have experience or knowledge in this area, I'd greatly appreciate advice.

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    You could start vaporizing. Blunts are the worst for your health when it comes to partaking in cannabis.

    Highyena New Member

    Is vaping much better than regular smoking, health-wise? I got one of those blu+ vape pens that takes THC cartridges but I've found that I become tolerant of it very quickly. It doesn't even get me high now even though bud still does. Would vaping whole bud be any better?

    MKGROW Well-Known Member

    I’ve been told that smoking can inhibit healing. That’s just what a Dr told me when I pressed him for an answer.
    I have among other issues degenerative disc from L3 to S-1. Diagnosed in 1998 And I smoke daily. It helps w the pain. And it hasn’t gotten any worse and quality of life had increased.
    Personally I don’t think the small Amount of tobacco in a blunt will have much affect.
    Just my opinion
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    hawse Well-Known Member

    No problems here for me so far - medicating/smoking for three years with the same disease (and arthritis). Just get a nice water pipe... I get so much energy and pain relief from using cannabis that I am more active, and by being more active I am more healthy overall, have lost weight, and my pain levels have decreased. The benefits far out weigh any negative I can see for personally. I personally feel that clean cool cannabis smoke is really not that bad for you overall if you can filter out a lot of the tar before it gets to your lungs, but I don't have science for that, just my opinion and gut feeling.
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    hawse Well-Known Member

    Smoking through a good water pipe for me that cools the smoke feels better to my throat and lungs than my magic-flight vape. I like that vape a lot, but it really makes me cough...

    gwheels Well-Known Member

    A good quality vape will help you not cough. I would imagine that sucks for the disks. Edibles work too but they are a really different feeling than a vape or a blunt. I have never used a bong so I can not say one way or another but when I have seen people take a hit too big they sure cough a lot.

    hawse Well-Known Member

    True, best to avoid big hits always regardless of the method... Gets too hot... And yeah edibles are awesome for pain, but wreak havoc on my tolerance...

    voodoosdaddy Well-Known Member

    My spine is fucked 7 ways from Sunday. I quit smoking for several years and started up again when the pain got too bad. It's helped me unbelievably. Nicotine is no good but if I just smoke pot it's great. I've cut back on my muscle relazers from 90 a month to maybe 10 per month.
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    hawse Well-Known Member

    Hell yeah that's great! I went from 90 strong oxys a month to zero... Have zero desire to ever go back to that... I have family/friends who are still just straight up smoking joints medicinally into their mid 80's and have been for decades...

    hawse Well-Known Member

    I should add the usual disclaim though of course - YMMV your mileage may vary... :)
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    *** River Rat ***

    *** River Rat *** Active Member

    My L4..L5 & T12 all herniated....for almost 40 yrs now !!! The 4 & 5 are degenerative disc disease.
    I've never smoked cigarettes ....but began smoking weed in the early 70's and never stopped. I also have coronary artery disease resulting in a quadruple bypass in 98'..... and was told pot won't hurt my heart. I'm fine and healthy any never have experienced any ill effects to my back by getting high.
    I went to a pain clinic for years...shots,burning nerves.,nerve block shots (no surgery) and was never told to stop puffing.
    You biggest enemy is OPIATES !!! An addictive and abusive drug....actually not good for pain. I was wearing 150/mcg Fentanyl (2 x 75/mcg) for years !! (if unfamiliar with the drug..look it up...way beyond oxycontin) Talk about addicted !! Off opiates for 15 yrs Suboxone for 10yrs now....sober and loving it !!

    I'm saying...SMOKE AWAY and learn how to lift properly !! The only remotely possible problem could be is restricting your blood vessels a little.....back & ticker are fine with me..... and again....I still have never been told to stop smoking weed.
    Oh...and yes...vaping is better for you....get a Volcano and enjoy !! I still like bones though !

    Hope this helped....Peace & puff away !!
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    *** River Rat ***

    *** River Rat *** Active Member

    My comment above was directed to you HIGH !!

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Vaping is better and edibles are the best. Smoking pot won't hurt you.

    Studies show smoking pot is less harmful that tobacco. You are at a reduced risk for cancer. Not by by much but still redyced.

    Main thing is to be as comfortable as you can to heal. If smoking makes you comfortable then go ahead.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I make sure to be as stoned as possible before they roll me into surgery.
    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    I just had my second Fusion 4/11/18. First one lasted almost 19 years. 7/1/99 L5/S1.
    Had to add the L4 because of a grade 2 Spondolotheisis. Smokin is what got me thru it. Told ALL my doctors I was using. NO PROBLEMS. Was allowed to smoke the night b4. Fukers don't give the pills out B4, and not many after. Was given 84/ 10mg OXY. Told don't ask for more.

    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    I hesitated to post this on the forum. Knew it would stir up attacks and arguments. I'm an old man and have been smoking pot since 1968. On and off of course.

    Back about 8 years ago I was diagnosed as having bulging disk syndrome and DJD and had several cortisone intraspinal injections. I was growing and smoking heavily at that point. My symptoms were centered on a left sciatic nerve irritation and pain down my left leg.

    About a year later I moved to an area where I couldn't grow and stopped smoking pot for several years. About 6 months after ganja cessation...I slowly realized that my back was improving to the point where I was having no pain at all. I never used oxy or anything like that because I have sleep apnea and it suppresses breathing.

    Fast forward and I moved again. This time to the Pacific Northwest where marijuana is legal. Started using again and sure as back flared up. This was last winter. So I had to quit again and now the pain is fading. When I use ganja I use a lot. Only this most recent time it was almost totally edibles. I did a little research and was unable to find any scientific articles except this one which reported a women who had increased pain associated with ganja overdose. So not really on point...but interesting.

    So that's my story and I'm sticking with it! lol
    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear it's just not for YOU.. I Truly know how bad a "BAD" back can be.

    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jypsy,
    I compressed a few vertebrae in a bad parachute landing back when I was a youth...and that probably predisposed me to this problem.

    Also, it seems to be dose related so If I can limit my use...that might ease things. And I can still grow even if I don't use.
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    Somatek Well-Known Member

    I'm also part of the buggered back society, degenerative disk disease & currently a lovely 7mm bulging disk that's pinching the sciatic nerve. My doc actively promoted pot over opiates or nerve pain meds, physio as well strongly suggested it & enthusiastically supports it for pain management.
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