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    Zogs Well-Known Member

    Hi , I'm on week 7 of a photoperiod blueberry and I could use a little help. The pistols are still pretty white making me think this grow could go another 2 weeks plus. But the trichomes seem like they are about ready for me to chop at week 8.

    I had a really hard time getting a good sugar pic that I think represents the majority of the plant. But I did manage to get 1 .

    sUGAR 1.jpg bUDDY.jpg buD.jpg

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. I don't have a lot of experience and the white pistols and amber trichomes are confusing me.

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    mmjmon Well-Known Member

    Try to make sure you look at the trich's on the bud vs. the leaf.

    They look real nice.
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    leather lungs

    leather lungs Well-Known Member

    Beautiful :clap::mrgreen:
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    Zogs Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks guys. it's a sticky mess poking around them things tying to get a good view of the trichomes. I think I need to do a little more reading up on how/where to check them.
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    onegreenthumb Well-Known Member

    couple weeks for sure....but they are looking great nice job
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    Zogs Well-Known Member

    yea thanks onegreenthumb, I was thinking that too. I was advised instead of checking the leaf for trichomes to check the Calyx, No ambers yet.
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    Miathedog Member

    Nice looking plant. Giver some more time.
    Hugo Phurst

    Hugo Phurst Well-Known Member

    Look under a larger bud ant the first node, check the calyx there.

    Zogs Well-Known Member

    Here is updated pics of them 10 days later for anyone else struggling when to chop. I think I am giving her 5 more days and into the paper bags they go to dry.

    BudshotFinalweek.jpg 1Femparts].jpg

    GGROWN Active Member

    Did u feed it after the first piks or flush

    Zogs Well-Known Member

    3 plants came down, 2 I used just plain PH water and 1 I kept feeding Mollasses . Tough to stay if the Mollasses made any difference in size. The one did in fact weigh more. Not sure about the smoke yet as they are still drying/curing. Was sorta an experiment in flushing keeping using the Mollasses in final flush on one of them.

    If my friends and I cant tell the difference , it will be mollasses all the way now in final flush.
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