I'm very confused about nutritients A and B!

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    Hi I use Gold Label Special Mix for my grow. Together with this I bought same brand A + B.

    From what I understood is that A has nigher N value ( better for veg) and B has higher nutritients for flower.

    However what confuses me is Gold Label Special Mix feeding schedule according to their website is that you mix A + B 0.5 ml per litre of water... is this accurate? Shouldnt I be only doing A and then B for flowering? I am confused as hell.

    Since you're here, maybe you also have time helping me with my yellow leaves on my other thread.

    Thank you all for a great forum!

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    Veg and flowering will have separate nutrients in most cannabis specific brands. A and B are intended to be used together as one, but they can't mix together before you dilute with water, or else certain nutrient compounds will precipitate out and become imbalanced.

    Some companies have overcome that challenge and offer complete nutrients with one part for veg and flowering!
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    To be more specific, you either have the a +b for veg or the a+b for flower. Just read the bottle:leaf:

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    Couldn't have put it better! I would stay way from the all in ones only for reason I use hydro.

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    What don't you like in hydro about all in ones? I only used an all in one with dwc and it rocked. I'm just curious.

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