I'm Back!! Aerogarden LED Amnesia Haze Auto (grow journal)

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    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Hello fellow growers I'm back! I've had to stop growing for a bit due to living conditions. I have since moved and I'm starting my first grow in my new place. Not my first grow ever, just in my new place lol.

    Ok, so before I was growing in my steatlh dresser I created and that was ok for the time. But now I have upgraded to a grow tent from:
    GrowLights Canada

    I picked up some seeds from Nirvana.
    5x Amnesia Haze Auto
    5x Lemon OG Auto

    I decided to start off with one, as the res for the aerogarden is perfect for 1 good size plant.

    I germinated the seed by putting it in a plain cup with tap water and let it sit for about 30 hrs.
    Once I saw the tap root pop, I put it in my awaiting aerogarden pod.
    The pod was from a lavender pod pack that I de-seeded (I throw the seeds outside for flowers in the spring).

    I set the aerogarden to the seedlings setting, placed a fan in there and just let it do its thing.
    day-2-closeup.jpg day-2-overhead.jpg day-2-overhead-2.jpg day-2-overhead-3.jpg day-2-panel-display.jpg day-5-panel-display.jpg day-8-close-up.jpg day-8-close-up2.jpg day-8-close-up3.jpg day-8-panel-display.jpg

    On day 5 I noticed some spots and decided to check the ph, omg was it high!
    It was in the high 7's
    So, I used some ph down to get it back to 5.5 - 6

    On day 6 and 8 I had to bring the ph down again to keep it in check.
    On day 8 I noticed it was getting some wind burn (curling leaf), so I moved the fan a bit more.
    Also on day 8 (today), I switched out my aerogarden lights for my LED panel.
    I like to start my seedlings with the ag light as the LED can be a bit strong for them.

    I cant fit all my pics in this post, so I will reply with more and will keep posting at this journal for all my fellow growers. Feels great to be back :)

    Up next I will be adding the air pump and stones as the roots are just about ready for them ;)

    Stay tunned for more :)

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    as promised here is some more porn!
    day-8-top-view.jpg grow-area.jpg ph-prob.jpg ph-prob-shot-2.jpg ph-prob-shot-3.jpg tent-outside-1.jpg tent-outside-2.jpg tent-outside-3.jpg

    Questions and comments always welcomed.

    Also the hair on seedling is from my cat, as we all know cats make for some awesome farmers.
    At least thats what they think as they investigate our growing methods.

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Update! Day 13: with picture porn

    Today I decided to give the reservoir a good clean with some anti-bacterial dish soap and a good scrub.
    I added new nutes and ph'd tap water at 5.5 - 6.0 ph. The new water was quick chilled in the freezer for about 30 mins.
    In the past I have done this in the aerogarden and the new chilled water with a good tank clean seemed to always give a huge burst of new growth.
    I have added half of the bottles recommended dosage for GH flora nova, which is recommend by other RIU members for autos.
    So far the dosage seems just fine, It's my first auto so I'm going easy on her.
    I switched my AG pump schedule to 5 mins on, 200 mins off, as I have used in the past with great results.
    I have not added the air pump/stones yet. It's not that I don't have them, more of a test to see how far I can go without using them.
    So far the roots are looking great.
    I have started her personal training regimen to build that robust body, make her sexy as hell.
    You will see the bondage in the attached porn pics ;)
    I want to start training her early as it's an auto, want to get all the light/growth I can.

    Well I think that's about it for now, will post an update in a few more days.
    The pictures will be in 2 posts as they only fit 10.
    Enjoy the grow and pictures, Cheers!
    DSC00161.JPG DSC00162.JPG DSC00163.JPG DSC00164.JPG DSC00165.JPG DSC00166.JPG DSC00168.JPG DSC00169.JPG DSC00170.JPG DSC00171.JPG

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    The rest of day 13 pictures:
    DSC00172.JPG DSC00173.JPG DSC00178.JPG

    Immastoner Member

    Nice work bro looking looking awsome quick question is that a diy aero system or no im on a mision to start an aero garden

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    its an aerogarden ultra (non led aerogarden), but you can get the same effect just getting a cheap fountain pump and a timer lol.
    Its great for starting seedlings or for just getting into hydro as a learning tool.
    But for the price, you can make a better system much cheaper your self doing DWC straight up with some decent timers and pumps.
    I have a aftermarket LED panel 135w - 95w draw from the wall (all spectrum flower/veg) good for one plant.
    The aerogarden light can grow cannabis all the way through, but expect very low yield and airy buds.
    To maximize, stick to one plant at a time, use the AG light for seedlings, LED for veg/flower, whiteout the top to keep tank temps down, check ph every 3 days.
    Then clean the tank and dump old water every 2-3 weeks, top off with ph'd water when low, add new nutes every tank clean out.
    The biggest things to watch out for is hot water temps in the tank, ph level, light leaks into the tank, and over fertilizing.
    Most bad grows in aerogardens are result of root rot. If you can keep your roots white and healthy, your plant will follow suit as long as you stick with the above mentioned.
    If you need any tips let me know, I will be glad to give what I have learned so far ;)

    Also ty and welcome to RIU if you haven't been welcomed yet ;)

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Update! Day 18: with picture porn

    A few days after the reservoir clean and nute switch, I got my explosive grow as expected :).
    Checked the ph level and is at a steady 5.5 - 6.0.
    I Still have NOT ADDED the air pump and stone, the roots look great and speak for themselves in the picture.
    The res water was a little warm, but nothing too concerning as of yet.
    I raised the LED panel about an inch or so higher to keep it at 20 inches distance to the canopy.
    I tied down the new growth shoots and spread them out to get more light.
    I moved one of the tie down loops (seen in the pictures) back behind the node so it won't damage itself when growing.
    I didn't notice this till I looked at my pics closer.

    That's about it for now, enjoy the porn!
    DSC00185.JPG DSC00188.JPG DSC00190.JPG DSC00192.JPG DSC00193.JPG DSC00195.JPG DSC00196.JPG DSC00197.JPG DSC00198.JPG DSC00199.JPG

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Update! Day 29: with picture porn (sort of)
    I will apologize now for the images as they are not up to par with my other ones.
    When I add the air pump I will take her out into the daylight for better pictures.

    Ok, so I did my 2 week rez clean out and nute update. Because this strain is known to be very sensitive to nutes, I have added only 1.8 mL's of GH flora nova bloom and 2 mL's of GH flora nova grow. I removed only the oldest fan leaves (that were blocking light and dying off). It was about 9 fan leaves in total (small and big). This opened up much needed light area for the now flowering nodes. I did some more tying down of the top nodes and side shoots, almost all at the same height now. Again, no topping, or fim'img, or air stones so far. Now that she is into flower I will add an air-stone and some pictures of the tie down for the next update in a few days.

    Comments and Questions are always welcomed, cheers!!

    DSC00200.JPG DSC00201.JPG DSC00203.JPG DSC00204.JPG DSC00205.JPG DSC00206.JPG DSC00207.JPG DSC00208.JPG DSC00209.JPG DSC00211.JPG
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    Immastoner Member

    Great work mate roots are looking magnificent interesting to see a clear res and healthy roots your definitely doing something right nice bro nice

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Thanks! The clear res is actually just a temporary bowl to set the grow bed on while I wash/disinfect my real res between adding new nutes.
    This way they stay wet and I add a small cap full of hydrogen peroxide to the ph'd water to kill off any potential algae before it returns to the real res.

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Update! Day 34: with better picture porn

    For this update I have finally added the air pump and air stone. I used a kids nerf type foam dart as the plug to fit into the pod hole(fits nice and tight), then I fed the air tube trough it.
    Also, I used a piece of a bic ink pen casing to form a strong shield around the air tube before pushing it through the foam dart. I left it in place to prevent any kinks in the air tube.
    I taped the top part of the foam dart and a few inches of the air tube/pen so that no light will leak into the tank.
    About 2 days ago I screwed in some eye hole screws into the handles of the aerogarden grow bed for extra tie down anchors, worked a treat.
    As you can see, I now have all the colas at a pretty even height and I can remove the grow bed without disturbing any training.
    This makes it super fast to remove the grow bed for tank cleaning and new water/nutes every 2 weeks.
    Some branches just have some thick wire and a few bolts with nuts to weigh them down.

    All the above can be seen in the following pictures ;)
    2 posts will be needed to fit all the pics. Enjoy!!
    DSC00213.JPG DSC00214.JPG DSC00215.JPG DSC00216.JPG DSC00217.JPG DSC00220.JPG DSC00221.JPG DSC00222.JPG DSC00223.JPG DSC00224.JPG

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    The rest of day 34 pictures...

    DSC00225.JPG DSC00228.JPG DSC00229.JPG DSC00234.JPG

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    +1 let's see the results!

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    how's it going mate

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