If you are in montana....the feds are not done raiding grows

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    I just got a call from a friend who works at Perkins in Missoula....she said there are 6 tables of FEDs in there eating breakfast talking about how many addresses they need to bust today. Seems all they busted yesterday was dispensary locations......who knows what will happen today. Beware. Its kinda crazy that this is all happening just when the repeal bill was dropped.
  2. Whats a Montana? Is that still a State, thought you guys bonded with the Dakotas and made one big State. j/k
    If you are legal whats to worry?

    tafbang Well-Known Member

    He is giving off a warning.... Next time you should read the post before responding.
    DJ GreenThumb

    DJ GreenThumb Active Member

    I am legal under Montana law but these are FEDS......

    2stoned2function Active Member

    ya feds are assholes by nature and have total authority. They are allowed to break the law and get away with bypassing the constitution (the states are to govern themselves :finger:). And this is because nobody stands up. We take this shit from these asshole lobbyists running the government, stay completely ignorant to whats going on in D.C., and say "oh thats just politics". How much freedom will we let them take from us before we do something about it? America has become a police state. The longer we wait to revolt, the harder it will be when the time comes. We cant wait for an inquisition, it's time to do something while we still have a voice to be heard. Now that I'm done preaching.......... let's all work together and make a weed cloud so big it gets all those fuckers highbongsmilie

    ps I hear that the repeal bill is back in session today, after big brothers little outburst yesterday (raids). Seems coincidental enough

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    So what about Obama's executive order from October 2009? Google it

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you really can't be this naive can you??????? i find that hard to believe.. don't you, and anyone else who may be so called legal, understand that that is only on a state level, and that growing is still very much so illegal on the federal level, which is why i always laugh when people say that they are a legal medical grower.. damn, i can't believe that this is how you really think jesus.. scary..

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    its no longer in its adaptness and new laws byepass old ones.

    hightmud420 Active Member

    my caregiver left montana because this

    Tamorin Active Member

    I heard whats going on in montana i feel for you all. We got info that theres abunch of fed agencys working to shut down all dispemsories across the country. In r.i. we are about to open 3 and i feel they will shut us down day 1. Lifes a bitch we have to fight for what is right. I wish u all the best of luck with your program.

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    They are just embarrassing.:wall:

    'DUI laws are bad for business': Republican representative (and bar owner) DEFENDS drink driving

    By Fiona Roberts

    It could best be described as a conflict of interest.

    A Republican representative - and bar owner - raised eyebrows in Montana yesterday when he defended drink driving in a passionate speech to the House.
    Alan Hale, a Tea Party supporter, said strict DUI legislation is 'destroying' small businesses in a state where lawmakers have made it their mission to cut high drink-driving rates.


    Passionate speech: Representative Alan Hale told the Montana House strict drink driving laws were 'destroying' small businesses

    The 57-year-old was one of only 12 representatives to vote against a new drink driving bill, which allows the courts to take into account DUI offences from up to 10 years ago.
    In his speech, which was quickly circulated on YouTube by Montana Democrats, he said:'These DUI laws are not doing our small businesses in our state any good at all.

    'They are destroying them. They are destroying a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years.'

    Controversial views: Mr Hale is a former logger and miner who was elected to the House in November

    Mr Hale, a former logger, miner and truck drive, has a vested interest in those small businesses - he and his wife own the Silver Saddle Bar and Cafe in Basin, Montana.
    He said: 'These taverns and bars in these smaller communities connect people together. They are the centre of the communities.

    'I'll guarantee you there's only two ways to get there: either you hitchhike, or you drive, and I promise you they're not going to hitchhike.'
    The house has passed a slew of anti-DUI bills this year as it attempts to crack down on Montana's high drunk-driving rates.
    And the state made headlines in January with an anti-drink driving advert called 'sober friend', which showed a man avoiding DUI by leaving a bar on a horse.
    After some confusion, state lawmakers confirmed it is not illegal to ride a horse while drunk.

    It's not the first time Mr Hale, who is serving his first term as a representative, has spoken out against drink driving laws.
    In the run-up to the November elections he told local newspaper the Helena Independent he believed some DUI penalties were too harsh.

    He said: 'They arrest people day in and day out, and it hasn’t done any good, but it has ruined a lot of young people’s lives.

    'If you get a DUI you can’t get a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and you’re left out in the cold.
    'I’m not sure what needs to be done, but we need to look at a whole lot of alternatives to try to straighten it out.'
    Mr Hale, who has five children and 12 grandchildren, appeared at a Tea Party rally earlier this month where supporters were encouraged to bring their guns to focus attention on the right to bear arms.
    He described them as his 'family', and said: 'I would like to see this crowd a whole lot larger.
    'I hope I can continue to do the right things and vote the way I should.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...wner-DEFENDS-drink-driving.html#ixzz1IFC5gkVk

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    Send in your message. They need to hear your voices.
    I got this e-mail today.:cuss:

    From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
    Subject: News/Update from PATIENTS & FAMILIES UNITED
    Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 5:15 PM

    [Because we continually update our e-mailing list, this may be your first edition of our periodic news/update about medical marijuana and pain-treatment issues in Montana. By Tom Daubert, founder/director/lobbyist for Patients & Families United.]

    · ALERT: Key House & Senate Votes Expected Tomorrow
    · Urge House & Senate NO Votes on SB 423 Conference Committee Report
    · Next Steps…

    Key House & Senate Votes Expected Tomorrow, 4/20

    In an irony as laden with sadness as SB 423 is with arbitrary and deliberately unworkable and punishing provisions, tomorrow, April 20, will likely be the day on which both the House and Senate vote on a “free conference committee” report that legislators completed just moments ago.

    The SB 423 conference committee report puts “the finishing touches” on a bill we call “repeal in disguise” – and that others have called “the black market bill” – a bill literally intended to “get as close to repeal as possible.” Well, mission accomplished.

    SB 423 would stick Montana with the very worst “medical marijuana” law in the country. It is filled with arbitrary and extreme requirements intended to make it virtually impossible for patients with chronic pain to become legal – and to make it extremely unlikely that any approved patient will have reasonably reliable and consistent access to medical-grade cannabis. Any physician making more than 15 recommendations within a year gets investigated, and pays for all the investigations. Chronic pain patients need two different physicians to do a complete exam unless they have “proof” of the “etiology” of their pain. Probationers are banned from eligibility, no matter how dire their medical need for cannabis. Federal medical privacy rights go out the window as local law enforcement is notified of every patient’s status. No one can grow for more than three patients, and people can’t grow cooperatively or efficiently at shared locations. You grow either for infused (non-smokeable) products only, or for “bud” – not both. All growing and production must be “free.” You can never possess more than four “mature, flowering” plants and up to 12 “seedlings” (no taller than 12 inches, after which they magically become “mature and flowering”), nor more than one ounce of cannabis. Labs for quality control are essentially banned.

    SB 423 is literally designed to fail patients – not to work as voters intended.

    (By the time floor votes on the conference committee report are held, a copy of the new bill should be available via the Legislature’s webpage. The conference committee adopted more than 160 amendments over the last several days.)

    Urge House & Senate Members to Vote NO on SB 423

    A recent poll by Mason-Dixon found that 87% of Montana voters want either no change or regulatory reform of the medical marijuana law. Montana voters DON’T want “repeal in disguise.”

    And, while most agree that the law needs to be “fixed,” legislators SHOULD NOT accept SB 423’s punishing provisions simply because legislative leaders have not allowed alternatives to survive.

    Please take a moment to send your own email to all members of both the House and Senate. You can copy and paste your personal message, which will be delivered to all 150 legislators, here:


    Next Steps…

    If the conference committee report passes both the House and Senate, the bill will then go to the Governor for consideration. If his office formally receives it while the Legislature is still in session, one of his options will be to issue an “amendatory veto,” in which he could propose changes to SB 423 in a “take it or leave it” move. But if the Legislature has shut down by the time the bill gets to the Governor’s office, then his only choices would be to veto or accept the bill (with or without his actual signature).

    It’s not too early to urge the Governor to Veto SB 423 unless he is willing and able to transform it into regulation that will actually work for legitimate patients.

    Here’s a site from which you can easily send your message to Governor Schweitzer:


    [Founded in early 2007, Patients & Families United works to support Montana’s medical marijuana patients, regardless of their medical condition, and pain patients, whether they use medical marijuana or not. If you don’t want to be on the mailing list for these periodic updates, please email to tell us at [email protected]. Visit our website for background and information of use: www.mtpfu.org. We welcome feedback of any kind, including stiff, honest criticism, but we reserve the right to remove from our mailing lists anyone who makes a habitual practice of sending threatening or irrational “flames.”]

    © 2011 byPatients & Families United

    Patients & Families United
    PO Box 1471
    Helena, MT 59624

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member


    Our community is still under attack, even though Governor Schweitzer
    vetoed HB161, the medical cannabis repeal bill. SB423 is a repeal bill in
    regulatory clothing. Governor Schweitzer may be supportive of the medical
    cannabis community, but we must urge him to veto SB423, a bad, harmful
    bill. Our community depends on Governor Schweitzer to champion patient
    rights by establishing fair and reasonable regulations through administrative
    Help show the Governor that we support his veto of SB423. Join local patients,
    caregivers, industry partners and concerned community members for
    a rally to ensure patient rights are upheld!

    Who: Montana Medical Cannabis Community
    What: Rally Against SB423
    When: Saturday, April 30, 2011 starting at Noon
    Where: North Steps of the Capitol, near 1301 East 6th Ave., Helena 59601
    Questions, Comments, Concerns?
    Email [email protected] or call 240 393 5504.

    I'm going on Sat.

    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    as long as you stay within your state's "limits" you can beat it in court..i wouldn't worry to much but then again if they do go in your house there chopping your plants down and taking pictures and taking your grow equipment..and maybe u to if your breaking the state law.

    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    since montana's state law contradicts with federal law the only way they can arrest u is if your breaking state law

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    Your wrong on them not being able to beat you in court. They say they won't if you are following state law, but they have went against that memo. A memo is not a defense in court. In federal court the lawyers can't even mention medical marijuana.

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    No federal law trumps state law. Even growing a plant is still illegal, they just say in a memo they will allow it under state law.

    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    blah blah blah how could u say im wrong when you cant even follow what im saying lol AS LONG AS YOU DONT BREAK STATE LAW THE FEDS CANT DO SHIT but cut down your plants, take your growing equipment and take pictures..and do u think they care about personal grows? lol please, they might go after a co-op but then that co-op ganna re-open and probably never hear from the feds again lol i work at a co-op in cali...i see this to often

    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    Here is a report on federal prosecutions. They say the won't use limited resources on medical marijuana, but that doesn't mean they can't.

    Dozens of federal medical cannabis defendants are
    still being prosecuted as a result of the aggressive
    enforcement policies of Pres. G.W. Bush. Rather than
    sending these cases to state court where they should
    be tried, the Obama Administration has continued to
    vigorously prosecute them in federal court, despite
    concerns raised by several federal judges. In fact,
    federal prosecutors continue to recommend harsh
    punitive sentences, which in some cases have been
    rejected by federal judges. For example, Charles Lynch
    was sentenced to one year and one day and James
    Stacey was sentenced to probation only, though both
    were subject to lengthy minimum sentences.
    The continuing prosecution of Bush-era cases is bad
    enough, but the Justice Department has chosen
    to prosecute more than two-dozen newly indicted
    patients, providers, and caregivers.
    A few examples include:
    • Chris Bartkowicz, a licensed grower whose
    Colorado home was raided by the Drug
    Enforcement Administration the day after he was
    interviewed by a local news station, was sentenced
    to five years in prison.
    • Kristen Krusyna was arrested with 14 others in
    Nevada for providing access to the sick patients
    of Las Vegas. She currently faces prosecution for
    possession with intent to distribute under the
    federal Controlled Substances Act.
    • Two qualified California patients, Dr. Mollie Fry
    and her husband, attorney Dale Schafer, were
    convicted and each sentenced to five years in
    prison. Although Fry and Schafer were tried
    and sentenced during the Bush era, the appeal
    of their sentence was strenuously opposed by
    Obama’s Justice Department.

    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    you just posted some BS..those people broke state law..to many plants growing then SEE YA the county and states show no love for people not following guidelines

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