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    Microplaning is how you separate the heads, increasing surface area for a faster more efficient dry. It’s really the one major technique to take away from this thread.
    Also the amount of time to wick a puck and the temperature of the wick stage are variable. Freeze stage is also variable. But I think you are probably taking too long, and wicking too warm. Room temp is a variable term but there is no reason to let the hash be room temperature before it’s fully dry. Cold is your friend! If your finger tips are freezer burnt ur doing it right.
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    Matt my man!! good to see you. its been years and years, hope all is well.
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    IMG_3561.jpeg IMG_3563.jpeg IMG_3562.jpeg
    right on. i hear you. thanks for the tips.

    here are a few examples of some dry ice wax. all trim run.

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    Is ice necessary for making the bubble hash? I've watched French Canoli's video on making it, and it seems like he's saying when the ice is fresh, it may damage the trim more and create more unwanted particles (during agitation).

    It's 9°F outside right now. I can get the water even cooler doing this outside than using ice water inside.

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    Randodred Active Member

    What are you using to agitate..
    Ive used all from wooden spppn to wooden ore as well as mini cement mixer gotten melt from all..
    It is abt the product first and lightly agitating second

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    I'm going to use a paint mixing rod and low gear on a drill.

    steps Member

    Hi Matt,

    Great thread! I read all the posts and want to thank you for all your work to educate all of us over the years. I have a few questions:

    1. You mentioned early on you use a microscope to look at trichomes both before and after you wash. This makes a lot of sense. What brand (or style) do you use? I bought a handheld microscope with an LCD screen but it doesn't resolve the detail as well as I'd like so I'm thinking I need a better one. Does your microscope have a scale on it so you can get a sense for the size in microns of trichome heads?

    2. How do you prepare fresh-frozen buds for washing? I did my first ever wash of fresh-frozen, roughly a pound of bud, and found after multiple washes that the buds were still very sticky and really hadn't recovered much hash at all. I'm wondering if the buds should be chopped up to expose surface area but am concerned that will rupture plant material and make my hash green.

    Thank you again!
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    wow, that's dedication! i only made to page 2 or 3 before i decided to try a run.

    i used frozen dried buds to make mine and it came out killer. bought a portable washing machine off ebay to do it with.
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