ICE WAX (bubble hash) with Matt Rize

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    Thanks Matt just remember man they hate us cause they ain't us !
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    That wasn't Matt who answered you.. Far from Matt Rize lol @MnH
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    Truth. ~Dsw

    Jamio420 Well-Known Member

    Guys are making hash and curring it in some machines you known what that is or if it matters

    folkemord Member

    I use a Joel Halen trough cap to press out my melt as well. It works so well.

    swedsteven Well-Known Member

    Thanx matt
    Before i see ur video

    After seing ur video wprk my head and just use 1 pump 2 5 gallon bucket hoes and i let water movit around with ice2 oz off lower bud .that 200 dollar a gram yum!
    20170809_160814.jpg 20170809_160635.jpg
    Finaly bubble hash or wax its so stycky haha
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    swedsteven Well-Known Member

    This is the best wax i smoke like pure taste wow fuck butane extract
    I was not stopping looking then i tell my self i will try to dab it and fuck yeah that gold melt wow im high !
    7 g of bubble wax with 2 oz of lower buds 200 buds to 1400 wax jocking more300 lol in my book .
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    swedsteven Well-Known Member

    Little pic off my setup .running slòwly
    2 to 3 gallon off water 2 hours and boom
    2 bucket 5 gallon i make holes in one off them 2 bag off ice and i only use one bag 220 micron to make sure that it dont clog after i finishit.
    20170810_110021.jpg 20170810_110006.jpg 20170810_102623.jpg 20170810_111645.jpg
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    thatguyinarcata New Member

    First off matt, thanks for all the good info. Good to see people putting it out there. Shame it seems to have devolved into a little cat fight here at the end. Any way my question is about freeze driers. Is anyone on here using the harvest right? What are your experiences with it? I have access to one right now and have messed around a little bit but I'm not sure if it's really superior to just a cool dark room with good airflow. Any insights appreciated.
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    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    so once the wash is done and you have your wet patties of hash-what exactly is the best way to dry the hash?

    in my experience, you can kinda tell from washing your product how melty it will be, before it's dry. and then like 12 hours later, while not 100% dry yet, the texture says a lot abut the melt quality. so you know you have grease/high quality melt/enjoyable product.
    but i've had grease go cake-y on me, and i've had grease stay gooey greasy goodness thru n thru, no cake at all.
    ---how do you dry the hash patties 100% and still retain that full melt texture/grease/gooooooey goodness, while preventing it from caking up.
    how do you properly dry full melt ice wax is the question. haha. thank you.
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    You let the patties dry for 6 to 12 hours. Then freeze them for 1 - 2 hours. Then microplane them onto parchment. Then let dry in a cold dark place for 7 days to 3 weeks til the trichomes are bone dry. I like to place a shamwow towel under the drying screen before the patties go into the freezer.

    You retain the greasy-ness by making hash and drying the hash in cold and low humidity environments. Below 65 degrees and below 30% RH. The cold and low humidity prevents oxidation from occurring and the volatile and soluble terpenes from evaporating.

    I have a step by step tutorial on my you tube channel, hyroot pharms

    If you have a freeze dryer. The wet slabs can immediately go into the freeze dryer for 24 hours.
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    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    thank you for the information.
    i will check out your youtube page.

    sometimes the patties are so greasy after the intitial 12 hours, i find the micro planing is pointless....or am i wrong? the microplaning is essential to proper drying of full melt?
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    You have to freeze the patties before microplaning. You want the patties frozen solid. Then start microplaning right when you pull them out.

    Microplaning creates a larger surface area so all trichomes dry at the same rate.
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    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Yes, all the hash I call ice wax is dabbable.
    My instructions are a simplified version of what I do, anyone can do them. Everything I do now is refined, refined again, and continues to be refined. We grow very specific strains a certain way for peak ice wax. And I wash the flowers not just trim, fresh frozen, which IMO is the best way. ✌️✌️
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    They are all similar. I modify them significantly. Remove the interior corner panels. Plug the over flow. Reroute the drain to direct gravity bypassing the pump and junction box completely.
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    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Tangie 38 micron. From fall 2014. Still grease!

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    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    Have you published how/why to do this, or plan to do so? Or will it remain a secret for the time being?

    Thanks for all the info Matt. Have a good year!
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    I simplify the washer as much as possible, making it easy to clean. The corner panels, overflow, junction box, and pump are all just places for hash to build up. I bypass the pump to gravity drain the washer. Its very straight forward once u open it up and look around.
    Rip out the corner panels.
    Plug the overflow hose or remove and plug the hole.
    Disconnect from the pump.
    Add a new line directly to the basin drain outlet.
    Hope that helps!
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    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    trying to really get the drying part down-any tips?

    i find for my small homegrow that after i wash, the patties say out at room temp for a couple few hours just to wick away as much water as possible.
    i then move them into a fridge and let dry for 2 days.
    if i want to microplane i will freeze patties and go from there.

    do you find the microplaning necessary?

    nothing worse than starting off w/ grease and then not properly drying and grease then caking up weeks down the line.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Side panels removed. Over flow plugged. Pump and junction box disconnected. Now u can plug a hose directly to the drain. Only downside is u must now use gravity to drain.

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