I want to achieve an altered state where I leave my body

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    If you really want to get out of your soul then LSD is the way to go®.

    I grew up next to Vansterdam in the 60s-70s and did my first hit of Purple Haze at age 13 in 1967. Shortly after smoking my first joint.

    I've tried all those poor substitutes like DMT and there's nothing like a big dose of 'cid to either blow your mind or open it up to a universe of possibilities.

    I wouldn't do it anymore but looking for some good 'shrooms to see if that can fix my chronic depression that has plagued me for 40 years after a near fatal hammer attack.

    Be careful of seriously mind altering drugs. You may not like the way your mind has been altered after you come down.

    I'm quite happy with mine for the most part. circle.gif

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    You have clearly never tried crack. It just feels nice, doesn;t take you anywhere except hell though.

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    Lol I didn't quote my comment..I was referring to the person asking" how to ingest DMT"..I only smoke beautiful Green and purple buds...crack is wack Lol
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i've found the dis-associative properties of ketamine good for having an out of body experience..
    in fact, one time my buddy and i were sitting next to each other on a couch, and both did huge lines of k, i happened to look over, and saw myself sitting there on the couch, next to him, whose eyes i was looking through.. when we both came down and were able to talk about the experience, he said he experienced the same thing as i..
    salvia never did much for me, but ruin a good pipe, hate that crap, and the taste is beyond dreadful.
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    About 10 years ago I was hauling asphalt in a dump truck for a paving crew that did the small jobs like driveways, sidewalks etc while the rest of the company did highways etc.

    Was out of town for me and I stayed at the company supplied barracks. As a long time camp worker of 100 camps or so this place was a real shit hole and they had the balls to charge $300/mth to stay there!

    Anyway, there was a guy in there that was the boss and had like a double room and was a major crackhead. Safeway Jim. Got that name because he was hauling Safeway B-Trains when he got too wired on crack and flipped a rig. Been there, done that. No crack tho, just booze.

    Meanwhile, hanging out with him and getting bored watching him crawling around on the floor looking for lost rocks I got him up and tasted a bit of the rock. Not bad. I'd smoked and/or snorted a few ounces of regular coke long before this but the rush was GREAT!

    He ran out and got me to drive him around in his near new Chevy pickup. I tossed in $50 and we scored what he figured was a good score.

    We hit a small rock in my little pot pipe then he freaked out and demanded to drive back to the camp. All the way back we never went over 30mph and he spent most of the time staring into the left rear-view mirror claiming we were being followed even when we were on the forestry trail where any light behind us would be visible for 10 miles. Couple more hits of that crap for fun and I've never done any since

    Still hit the booze once in a while but pot is my go-to medication!


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    That shit is just too f'n whack man. Like Angel Dust, if you are on your own, you are adrift in the depths of your own soul.

    I tried AD the first time on purpose. What a f'n horrible experience. I'd done a few hundred acid trips before that shit and the worst of those was sunny days compared to that.

    I did some of that told it was chem 'shrooms then had to go to the morgue to identify a buddies body while freakin out on that shit!

    No wonder my life hasn't turned out quite like I hoped for. :D

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    Never a truer word spoken. Years ago 3 friends and I did some acid. 3 of us really enjoyed it but 1 didn't. It was his first time with acid. He had to be baby-sat for the whole time cos he wanted to open the window and fly out - it was 30ft to the concrete below. Needless to say we looked after him so no physical harm happened but he was never the same again. He pretty much lost his mind. Couldn't cope with day-to-day life and he never recovered. He had a degree in electronics and maths but he ended up like a hollow shell with the mind of a simpleton. I think some peoples' minds just can't deal with that kind of altered state and it changes them forever.
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    Seeing as YOU were responsible for Him, I'd blame His mental issues on YOU.

    I think people's minds like YOURS can't deal with the reality of karma.

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    If the guy took the acid of his own free will it's nobody's fault but his own. I had a buddy I'd known since Grade 1 that that happened to as well. He died just recently. His neighbour hadn't seen him for a couple days and he always went out on the porch many times a day for a smoke. Had a spare key so went over to check and he was sitting up on the couch, TV on, remote in hand and stone dead. His heart gave out.

    Two down and two to go out of us four old pals. Won't be long Mike and Ron. Keep the coffee on.
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    Now now. Resorting to name calling is so Trumpish these days. :D
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    Why? demonic entities are a huge possibility when leaving your body, not advised mate.
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    Yeah I know buddy.....but to be honest I was quite hurt by that idiots words. The guy in question was a good friend of mine and seeing how things turned out was very sad and at the time quite distressing. Obviously the real issue here is how the guys mind was screwed up, not my sadness/distress. I'll always wish that I'd taken the acid off him and flushed it down the toilet but as I said, he was 28 at the time so perfectly capable of taking responsibility for himself.

    Anyway, I've put the idiot on ignore so I don't have to read his ill-informed crap again :)

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    That crap was totally out of line for sure.

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    Your immature response has Me foolishly baffled at some of the world.

    Do YOU have a degree in provoking, @OldMedUser ?
    Nice avi.

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    I was oob last night on dmt, just before really blasting off. I liked it

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    First time I died it was terrifying. Learned alot about myself, hell and forever. Everytime since has actually been amazing. Like going home and if you listen it just keeps improving!

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    Ketamine is definitely the way to go imo. I literally left my body and traveled though the universe on my first trip. It was crazy lol

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