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    Citadeliswell New Member

    hello so I'm a very heavy smoker of the MJ; I also eat edibles often and dab etc. so my tolerance is high; I was desperate tonight mid anxaity attack. I have a ton of old wax and I needed something edible. So I researched how to decarb and there was too many ways. So I just double boiled almost a gram of shatter (an older gram I had stored; so the oils exctracted on the paper and left sugar wax mostly) I double boiled this with a table spoon of coconut oil for 25-30 mins. Then I poured it onto a brownie and ate most of it.

    First I wanna know; am I good? Or did I eat too much?

    Or I did I not do it right and I won't feel anything?

    I have to work tomorrow early as fuh% yay
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    skunkpunknz Well-Known Member

    Why did you eat it? You should have just had a smoke in my opinion. That may fuck you up for work.
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    Citadeliswell New Member

    Ahhh don't scare me. Smoking isn't doing it for my anxaity right now. I'm 30 minutes in with out any effects yet. But no sleep yet and that's what I'm wanting ☹️
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    ltecato Active Member

    OK, I know this is icky, but you might consider suppositories for the times when you don't want to smoke. When you eat the stuff, there's no telling exactly when you should feel effects: for me, it could be five minutes or five hours. I make my own suppositories (yeah, go ahead and point and laugh) and they hit strong and fast, like within two minutes, every time. I make them with trim and coconut oil, and they make me groggy and couch-locked. Good for insomnia!
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    ((Pointing and laughing))
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    ltecato Active Member

    Hanging head in shame!

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Smoking via the anus would have been a much better option .....I have a tutorial on another site if you'd like the info ..
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    TWS Well-Known Member

    Lmol. There's one in T n T too
    Keep those muscles strong .
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    Bnc1127 Member

    next time this happens don't try to DIY. If you know you have anxiety attacks always keep a stash for that purpose separate from your fun time stuff. Go to your local dispensary and ask for their most potent brownie and get like 2 of those. DONT EAT THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME or even one whole one lol. Cut it into 4-6 serving sizes. Then take them like 30 minutes apart until you reach the high your looking for. Then next time you have a attack you will have what you need and know exactly how much to take. I have been smoking sense I was 12. Bud simply does not get me high anymore. Barley anything gets me HIGH but it does always help with my PTSD and sleep issues. Hope that helped.
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