I have a serious question, been mixing a lot of cocodamol with a lot of cannabis.

Discussion in 'British Patients' started by ihaveaquestion, Nov 24, 2013.


    ihaveaquestion New Member

    I am not a person who enjoys going to the doctor, and i have really hurt my back, been doing a lot of work and shifting a washing machine up stairs and things. well i was on just grass and getting by, and then came ibuprofen, which didnt bother me but the pain was still too much while i was working. A friend gave me 30/500 cocodamol, and i have been taking about 2 per 2 hours, and occasionally one or half of one between. And now smoking cannabis, im feeling pretty drowsy and spaced out. Is this ok? should i be worried.

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    nope your fine, narcotics and thc/cbd are ok in moderation's.. might want to ease up on the narcs because they can be and are very addictive if taken for any period of time..i take 4- 10/325 mg oxicodine and 4- 10 mg methadone everyday and puff all day long..
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    ihaveaquestion New Member

    Thank you soo much for getting back to me. I was just worried incase it wasn't a good mix and i have heard tales of whiteys from it. Im only taking so many because im working and until i go to the doctor. At which point we can decided whats best.

    But thank you!

    welshwizzard Well-Known Member

    Tramadol and too many doobs can be a bit much, ease on the smoking if you need the painkillers.

    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Hey I think co codomol every two hours is overkill I think when I took it for pain for my crohns I had them every 4 hours.

    I have taken them with cannabis and they get you super drowsy when mixed, I usually do it nowadays if im low on weed.

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