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    Right start from the beginning, I suffer from eczema and asthma, I have suffered with these conditions since birth I have had many different creams and lotions prescribed by the doctor and been in hospital many times due to hands and feet cracking, over much searching of the Internet I came across a miracle substance that is known by the legal system as a drug, it's canabis oil, so I decided to grow myself a few plants to try the oil and see if I could further get my skin condition under control I was growing them in a property owened by the council and little did I know there was a guy watching me going in and out of the property as I was staying at my mothers house as she has a disabled daughter and on her own so regularly stay and help lift her into bed and do other things etc.. The guy who was watching me I knew from school but never really got on with him as he use to try bully me because of my condition etc. when I took up the property I did not know he lived there otherwise I wouldn't have took it up, through he's knowledge of watching me he's guessed that there was something in the flat went and seen two burgeling bastards round got up to top flat smashed the entrance lobby window climbed through kicked my flat entrance door in to gain access to the flat took my tv, and ,y weight bench and also my medical marijuana which was 3 weeks into flower threw them out the window in the hope they will get away with it police came kicked my door in noticing the soil in the back garden sealed all the equipment inside of the property, they have caught the burglers but don't know what evidence they have got I don't know how many plants they have sealed and how many have been took by them I have not had a formal interview yet and chose not to speak about the plants hen police have came to see me at my mams address, I reported the burglary soon as I found out by that time police had already gained access to the property and seased my items, I have no previous with police for drugs they also did not leave me a search warrent, the grow equipment wasn't mine i borrowed it for the one time only and had never gee canabis before. Police are asking if I want to charge the bastards but at same time I'm looking at a charge, what can I do please someone help, any way of getting equipment back too or will I have to give the guy he's money back I borrowed it from?

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    well dude SHIT !! thats just fucking crap off that cunt to do such a thing to you. so sorry at the end of the day you never got your oils? well if i can help you out just let me know dude
    Hugo Phurst

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    Try "Glaxal Base", also get tested for allergies.

    I don't think that the Police need a warrant to enter a scene of a crime, and anything in plain sight....

    Good luck.

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