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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    This is going to be my go-to Journal / Picture Dump from now on.
    Everything I grow is soilless & likely from an inexpensive DIY hydroponics setup or home made cloner.
    I am a frugal bastard that does what he can to grow Hugh Hefner weed on a Joe Dirt budget.

    Current Grow Room Setup:

    FLOWER ROOM 8'x10'
    (2) DIY F&D tables each containing 2 flood tubs.
    This current system is capable of running 20 plants at a time.
    Each flood table is approx 40" x 36".
    1 Gal pots with Hydroton clay pellets for the medium.
    (2) 1000W MH/HPS lights
    (2) 4' UV-A lights
    The tables are capable of running 16 plants comfortably.

    VEG ROOM 4'x4' -ish
    (1) 2' 6500K 4 bulb T5HO light
    This room is capable of housing 4 mommas comfortably.


    Kosher Kush by Reserva Privada
    Honey Banana by Elemental (currently germinating)

    Current Growing Method:
    I cut clones from the mommas, root them, then transfer them to hydroton 1 Gal pots under the flower lights for 1-3 days to harden off, then flip em to 12/12. Virtually zero veg time.
    I usually use a bubble cloner for my cuts, but the Glue just dont like it so I do her in rapid rooter plugs and a dome tray.

    When it comes to nutrients & items on my shelf, I keep it pretty simple.
    -GH Flora Series 3 part
    -Humboldt Ginormous Bloom Boost (0-18-16)
    -GH CALiMAGic (mainly used when running COB's)
    -GH pH Down
    -Hydrogen Peroxide

    When it comes to the aresenal and preventative maintenance I keep it pretty natural.
    -Bayer Advanced Concentrated Neem Oil
    -Green Cure (Potassium Bicarbonate)

    Here's a few pics to get it started:
    20171005_040542 - Copy.jpg 20171006_225921 - Copy.jpg 20171006_230520 - Copy.jpg
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Nice start and nice system! I will definitely be checking back to see your progress.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to move your table into the corner while they are still small? That way two sides get bonus reflective light.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Thanks ! I had been running in a half finished room for a while. Its nice to have it all done.
    Im about 10-12" from the wall. I originally had it how you suggest but I grew a Chocolate Skunk that was massive and it got pretty tight in that corner.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    In that setup, I would use the largest pot/bag I can fit and grow only one mean scrogged plant.
    Heck, you could plant two plants in it if you want to.

    It is always more important to be active then just plan. I have two scrog tables running that totals about 24.5 x 4'
    There is always a bazzilion more toys I'd like to add, but at the end of the day big grows are pretty expensive.
    Not to mention nerve wrecking. Just 49 days to go.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna get some pics of the current Kosher Kush grow.
    For now heres some pics I have from previous grows in my current F&D system-

    "Cocolate Skunk" by 00 Seeds
    20170224_194544 - Copy.jpg 20170317_194617 - Copy.jpg 20170323_185828 - Copy.jpg

    "GG#4" (Clone Only)

    20160816_234742 - Copy.jpg 20161006_213737 - Copy.jpg 20161010_232933 - Copy.jpg

    "Plemon" by Breeders Boutique (limited FEM release)
    20170425_210249 - Copy.jpg
    20170524_165018 - Copy.jpg 20170609_0010312 - Copy.jpg

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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    These are runs I have done in the past with DWC drip ring bucket system.

    "White Widow" by ILGM
    20150228_023538 - Copy.jpg 20150406_153713 - Copy.jpg 20150414_214739 - Copy.jpg

    "Confidential Cheese" by DNA

    20151119_025739 - Copy.jpg 20151119_025958 - Copy.jpg 20151119_025951 - Copy.jpg

    "Lifesaver" by BOG

    20160606_200318 - Copy.jpg 20160710_232204 - Copy.jpg 20160725_004545 - Copy.jpg

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Sweet buds. I wish I had tried them all.
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I've seen a lot of your posts but never checked out you're threads looks like you've got some good stuff on tap was the bog lifesavers a keeper?

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Well, the Honey Banana popped a tap and thats as far as she went. Im germinating a Black DOG by H.S.O so we'll see where it goes. I believe it was @Amos Otis that put me on this one?
    Thanks for stopping in. I had a pheno that was absolutely perfect smelling, like a piece of grape bubbletape bubble gum but the taste & smoothness wasn't on point with the smell even after a good cure. Pretty decent bud that I'd still recommend trying, just wasn't keeper worthy for me. I've only got 4 momma spaces and 2 of them are taken up so its gotta be 100% fire all the way around to keep a momma.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I've been eyeballing black dog myself but as of late tapped into 2 nearby clone sources www.kingklonebrand.com & www.darkheartnursery.com so I haven't been ordering seeds if I remember right Amos likes couch lock leaning stuff like you I gotta have fire taking up my space lol..
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I'm jaded as shit about getting clones anymore, but yet my circle is small and were running out of "new" strains between us so I'll be doing a little more when it comes to starting seeds trying to find the next "keeper" for us. What do you have your eye on for clones?
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I've got a
    cut of purple city genetics doubledream that I've ran once & it made the grade & ive got what's I'm my tents now kingklonebrand blackjack also I have super sour'd from them too & ive got a sour'd x lemon kush but by late spring I'm wanting to try candyland & sherbet but no larger than my op is I've more strains than space
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I was looking in your thread with the tent pics. Is it the super sour d that looks Sativa dom?
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    "Midnight Mass" by Heavyweight Seeds
    20170102_002408 - Copy.jpg 20170110_094213 - Copy.jpg 20170109_203437 - Copy.jpg

    Tasted like mango papaya and was by far the fruitiest weed I have ever smoked. Had I known what she was, I would have kept her around.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    "Blueberry" by ???
    20150316_174643 - Copy.jpg 20150409_200000 - Copy.jpg 20150414_214541 - Copy.jpg

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    "Kosher Kush" by Reserva Privada
    20160324_205235 - Copy.jpg 20160331_001811 - Copy.jpg KK2 - Copy.JPG

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Nice plants and quality looking buds red. Keep them coming :-)
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Kosher Kush cuts:
    5 days since transplant to flood table.
    2 days since flip to 12/12
    20171012_055237 - Copy.jpg 20171012_055154 - Copy.jpg

    Black D.O.G. under 72 hours
    20171012_054524 - Copy.jpg

    Suprise guest.....
    "Bubblegummer" by Female Seeds
    20171012_054538 - Copy.jpg

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    it actually looks like an og kush as the kingklone version is actually a cross that to me resembles the real 707 headband I had it in dwc & when the heatwave hit it got sick so I cloned it it's got grapevine structure & throws random 3 fingered leaves pretty much everything I grow is sativa dominant I prefer a sativa dominant hybrid although black dog & kosher kush catch my interest
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