Hydrogaurd is better than Voodoo Juice

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    MedicalMike420 Well-Known Member

    I had one plant give my whole system root rot. I threw it in a stand alone bucket and instead of using voodoo i used hydrogaurd.
    Also used pirana tarantula sensizym and bases.
    The root rot came back for the plants in the system which had a cooler hooked up, the bucket didn't.
    All buckets in system and the standalone were cleaned the same way. The bucket in fact didn't even have duct tape around it for light proofing, just a plain lowes bucket. The standalone did get less direct sunlight tho being left outside the grow room. The standalone also had old airstones in it from when the root rot was around.
    The case on the standalone was also ALOT worse and I thought it was going to die, but I had my dirt ready to move it over, expecting nasty roots I pulled it out and clean white roots. I think I will keep this oneinhydro and not give up on it.

    So bassically what I'm saying is I provided this one with conditions that I would really expect to make root rot worse and gave it hydrogaurd instead of voodoo. Treated the other ones great with a cooler, fresh airstones, fresh tubing and I gave them voodoo juice instead. The skywalker was in a standalone because I was scared it would make the others worse.

    The reason I mention this is because hydrogaurd is a lot cheaper and I saw better results with it.
    Anyone else have input on this?
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    MedicalMike420 Well-Known Member

    First picture is the roots onthe skywalker (standalone DWC)
    Second pic is green posion (RDWC)

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    twistedwords Well-Known Member

    Antibiotics are better than all of it and you can get that at pet stores for 5 bucks.....So is Pondzyme and Pondzyme costs 15 bucks at Petco and Petsmart that will treat thousands of gallons. The second best is pool shock treatment and no need to spend hundreds of dollars for this.
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I used hydroguard to bring a tray back from death as well. I was using a pond product when I got it but not pondzyme. I tried to cure it with shock, bleach, and H2O2 but nothing worked so bought the hydroguard (yes it's expensive) and lowered temps in Res to 65 and plants love it.

    NVGrower Well-Known Member

    Worked great for me. I can run higher res and room temps now.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Using h202 is quite effective if you dont run organics or require beneficials. I think I pay $2.79 for a large bottle of 3% store brand h202. Mix 1 cup of 3% h202 per gallon for fighting bacteria that has already set in. I use 1/2 cup per gallon for maintenance & foliar spray to prevent PM. The plants love it too.
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    It seems to work better as a preventive than a cure for me. I used it when starting in hydro and never had issues, once I got rot it kept it at bay but never cured it. Until I got temps down it was always just a day away from an outbreak if I didn't constantly add .5 ml per liter of 35%. I started using hydroguard at the same time as I lowered the temps so not sure which helped the most
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    If you ever get severe root rot and want to kill that shit for good, if you're in veg and have a while to veg before flower, use ridomil. It's expensive at about 130$ for a pint, but you only use 1ml per 10 gallons of water. In 7 days it will be gone, you're plants will grow a foot (if that was your only problem) and your new roots will be insanely healthy. I don't always tell people to use nukes, but when I do, I don't fuck around.

    This had root fungus, brown dead mushy roots, 6 days ago.

    So like I said, if you really don't feel like fucking with it and want it gone, just use ridomil, and only if you have a long time before you'll flower. It'll 100% save your plants in a week or I'll pay you 100$. The end :peace:

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize you can still see some brown dead roots in that picture, so now you know I'm not joking ;)
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Not taking away anything you said but honestly it was probably only about 7 days to get things back on track by lowering Res to 65 and adding hydroguard. By that point I had stopped keeping a journal because I was so disenchanted with the grow so it could have been longer. I also threw everything I had at it so who knows lol. Oh and just a note I have 5 gallons of 35% H2O2 sitting in my shed that I'll probably never use that's for sale lol. Trying to find that stuff here is like trying to purchase a nuclear bomb.

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Totally, if the root rot isn't severe I would not recommend it! But it will cure 100% in a day any root rot issues, from furrisum to pythium and even powder mildew. It's a fungicide and does exactly what it says it does, in the worst situation. Say you have a big grow all infected, about to throw em out, that stuff will fix it. I actually just used it because I have been having issues I call the "dud". Not sure what exactly it is, but it's a fungus I'm almost positive. Anyway, I treated the plants that did not grow more than an inch in 3 weeks, gave them ridomil, a week later they are 13"+ tall now and so healthy and the roots are insane. It's a last ditch effort, I wouldn't recommend start with it unless you feel that other methods might not work, then why waste time :p it's 100% effective, no battle whatsoever
    rps20160304_022811.jpg rps20160304_022821.jpg
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Well what ever it takes lol. Like I said I threw everything I had at it lol money really isn't the deciding factor for me either (to a point lol). And honestly if I wasn't so curious about how this strain will turn out I would have scrapped it ..... glad I didn't :).
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm saying, whatever it takes to have a healthy harvest :) .

    Here's 7 days ago when I first added the ridomil
    Here's today (the root pics are from today as well) but just an idea of how fast the ridomil works, it's mind boggling!

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    It is a systemic fungicide though, so I definitely do NOT recommend it for use in flower. I do not know the half life of it, but it IS one of the few systemics that is used for TOBACCO which is a great thing. It's also used on all fruits and vegetables. So I feel it is safe, but use your judgment when using it because it does have a systemic mode of action.

    NVGrower Well-Known Member

    Neat, Ridomil, any particular brand you can recommend from a certain online shop you know works and is authentic?
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    I got mine on eBay, the brand name is ridomil but there may be a off brand bottle but I'm not sure, it looks like this, this is the only one I can speak for. I have no idea how long it stays in the plant, I'd guess 60 days so make sure you have 60 days before harvesting to let it clear out of the plant. :peace:

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    Gregor Eisenhorn

    Gregor Eisenhorn Well-Known Member

    Could anyone recommend me some good beneficial bacteria for preventing root rot? Except hydroguard, because I can't get it in Europe.

    Mcgician Well-Known Member

    @AlphaPhase Could you go into a little more detail on how you used it? I know you said 1 ml per 10 gallons, but how long did you leave it in the rez for? Also, were synthetic nutes the only thing in the rez with the ridomil? I also saw in that pic some physan 20. Did you use that in the rez beforehand or subsequently? Did the root rot ever come back? This summer in cali has been hot as fuck, keeping rez temps down is nearly impossible. Would love to know what kind of preventative you're using if you've still got it licked.
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    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    I jumped on the bandwagon from other threads discussing Hydroguard and now I've picked up a bottle of Southern Ag Garden Friendly Fungicide to try and use as a more concentrated replacement for it. I thought it was the exact same strain from reading around but then in one thread someone stated it wasn't the same. But I thought both were D747 strain...


    Way way way more concentrated...

    Here's the thread: https://www.rollitup.org/t/hydro-guard-storage-temp-reproduction.967081/page-2#post-14375063

    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    SLF 100 > Hydroguard

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