How to keep aerocloner temps below 75

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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    I read about so many people aerocloning with great results. I've also read that even though not needed , airstones in the res makes clones root faster. I checked my res temps last night and I be damn, 85 degrees. Way too hot! So I put my water pump on a timer. 15 on 15 off. Temps still hovering in low 80s. My question is how the hell everyone else keeps their temps below 75. My grow room temps are around 80 degrees. And so are most others I've read. My question is how do u keep 10 gallons of water surrounded by 80 degree ambient room temp below 75 while a water pump and air pump are running, which both produce heat. Frozen water bottles are not really practical. They melt within a half hr then temps go back up eventually. I'm stumped damnit. Air stones or no airstones, water bottles or no water bottles. HOW DO YALL DO IT?!
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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    I'm using a 27 gallon tote from lowes. Black tote with yellow recessed lid. 633 water pump with 15 360 degree spray heads. Please help fellas?
    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    Look at your crop and ask yourself a few question. Am I actually having any problems (roots dying, plants dying or sickly, fungal infestations, res water stinks)?
    Do I see anything abnormal or unhealthy with the plants in my res water in the low 80’s F or not? If everything is healthy – there are no problems to fix.
    Or, am I over reacting and anticipating problems now that I have actually tested my res water temperature with a thermometer and made this discovery? The ‘Big Boys” say that water temp causes problems
    The water chiller salesmen and pro hypothermia group promoted cold water as “absolutely necessary.”
    And what exactly is the point of cold water res temp? Cold water slows plant and beneficial microbial metabolism (slows growth)? What else does cold water do?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    J Henry is a salesman for O2Grow. Their products suck so much they can't even afford advertising. And in general, he's a piece of shit human being.

    But keep trying to sell,, Biff Loman!

    draxhemp Active Member

    I'd clean your A/c take it apart with a air compressor to blow it out. right now I know my room is in the 80's because I need to barrow a air compressor from family. even if your running off your home a/c and not a window unit. might just need to go outside take it apart and clean the coils mine had about 2 inches of dog/cat hair caked on it.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Cover it with white panda film. Lighting depending, example hps will heat that black surface up real quick.

    mjinc Well-Known Member

    A cheap and easy solution would be freeze a few bottles of water and throw the bottles in there.

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    If you must keep your cloner in a grow room that's in the 80's then try insulating it ideally with reflective styrofoam or something that will keep your lights from heating it up so much and reflect the light.

    If you have a basement with a concrete floor that helps. I keep mine under the basement stairs and sometimes like now have to raise it on styrofoam blocks to hit 70F. I've monitored temps and 70-75F are best, under they slow down, over they're susceptible to nasty shit growing. If you're not getting slime or the like it's fine but I've found over 75F I get a slimy film starting up after a week or so.
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    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    He is indeed trying to sell this O2 product...

    GroErr does, however know what he is talking about and I'd take his advice. Your tote being black means it is going to absorb all the light that hits it. This includes heat. And yeah, 75 is an alright temp especially if you run bennies.
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Makes your flaccid penis smaller.

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    The temp is now 75 degrees. I put my water pump on a cycle of 15 on 30 off and bam temps dropped.
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    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    So Vonkins penis is still flacid? 75 degrees....lmfao sorry had to say that Kryptobud! Anyways;
    That's awesome news Vonkins glad to see you got your system working for you instead of you working for it!
    Good luck and Happy Growing! :)
    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    Are your and Logan queer by chance? Nothing against being queer, just wondering?
    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    "Queer"...then says "Nothing against queers" saying "Hey, Faggets, nothing against you faggets, but are you faggets?" Unfortuently we are not, but I heard of a couple looking for a third wheel over on Grasscity's forum, if you'd like to get in touch? Lol contribute to the experience of other growers or your existence on this website is pointless...unless it's to advertise. Seeing as you do not, have not, and do not ever intend on, growing plants you don't have experience to offer. As you yourself said, you've never grown a pot plant and have never owned/operated a hydro/aero system
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    You'd think a guy in his late 50's would have better things to do with his time. Fish aren't biting up in Minn today Gay Henry?
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    U got a 10 us gallon cloner ...?

    keep the air pump 24/7 or suffer a loss

    better get a bigger air pump that don't toss heat

    good luck

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    My res is 27 gallons but I only put 10 in it. Clones are doing fine with the water pump cycling 15 on 30 off. Thought about trying 15 on 45 off.
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    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Yes Vonkins is referring to turning the water pump off and on, not the airpump, if I am understanding this correctly?...Maybe I'm not lol.

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Yes my air pump runs 24/7. My water pump cycles on and off. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Just bought some Iba and naa in powder form, both are water soluble. I'm gonna start making my own cloning concentrate. Iba, naa, plus some superthrive and 35% h2o2. Clones should explode. Gonna use my new solution once I do a thorough rez clean
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