how to get my buds to fill out

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    stiffnuts12 Member

    first grow here and i was wondering how to get large full buds

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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Keep on your game ... They look pretty good .
    How weeks in are you.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Typically there are a lot of factors to get full thick buds but mainly genetics and good lightning.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Yes those are important factors ... You do have some burnt tips - however you should be on a BLOOM nute ( low n ) those leaves look a bit dark. Excessive nitrogen can cause slower growth , " smaller " bud growth and other issues.

    What do you have on your grow ?
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    stiffnuts12 Member

    i have blackberry kush i have a 900 watt led light im useing the fox farm dirty dozon my water is at 6.0 for ph temp is around 68 to 70 im 5 weeks into flower
    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    Patience makes the buds grow fat...

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    First make sure to let them finish.

    There is nothing you can feed them to make fat buds. Keep them happy is all you can do. Genetics, light and cool temps make big buds.

    stiffnuts12 Member

    ok thanks guys

    Greenhouse;save Well-Known Member

    Experience makes fat outher way to put it........and like my old man used to say.......u can't buy experience. ......

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Took my saying damn it lol
    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    Nanny nanny poo poo! Lol

    badmojo420 Well-Known Member

    environmental factors need to be dialed in and the genetics need to allow it to happen otherwise it just wont. also good lighting.

    this is probably the densest fullest nug ive grown, it was the top of my white 99 (bagseed too lol) and weighed 8.3 grams dried and cured. it was also grown under a 600w led and 12 12 from seed! i also havent found another seed (either bagseed or from a breeder) that has performed as well, ive come close but not quite lol. the finished product was exquisite.

    total harvest weight was 24 grams lol.

    i think your plant looks great... maybe the light could be a little bit closer because it seems like theres a lot of internodal length between your bud sites and you are only 5 weeks in id say you still have a couple weeks left at least (hard to tell from the led light being on) and youll get a nice growth spurt at the very end just before it ripens.

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    stiffnuts12 Member

    tnanks you guys for all the great feed back i guess all i can do is let things be and see the ending outcome ill keep u posted
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    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    If it's your first grow , your in for treat. Around week 6 is my favorite point of flower . For the first 5 wks your plants are establishing bud sites and getting tjem to fill up with as much calyx as possible. Then at week 6ish. Something amazing happens . Those buds that look symmetrical and small will begin swelling kimda the same way popcorn pops. Imagine having a popcorn kernel. Small, symmetrical. Then is pops and swells into popcorn. It's sorta the same idea. All your buds will increase size by 50% by the time there done swelling. Your buds look good for week 5 man keep it up
    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Right! How to grow big ass buds...first off your plants look good you and are not doing anything wrong but if you want to consistently grow big buds here's a few tricks to help get you there.
    The secret to growing buds to their full potential is tight nodal branching. To form this type of plant structure first you need adequate lighting and of course healthy green plants. Some might say to grow the right strain and that is true to a point but virtually any strain can be grown to its full potential if given the time and proper conditions. Starting plants out with crappy lighting causes a lot of space in between the nodes; a plant like this will never reach full potential. Start plants from seed under an hid lamp or some decent T5 or T8 lighting which should make for tight internodal branching; you want very little vertical space in between the branches. LEDs may not work too well for this unless they are of a very good quality.
    An instant flip to 12/12 from 18/6 is a too steep a drop off for many strains; such a drastic time change does not occur in nature. The suns cycle changes gradually as the earth shifts on its axis during the summer. Gradually reducing the hours of daylight by let's say an hour per week just before flipping to bloom phase forces preflowering and helps the plant stay tight without stretching as much. Some strains react differently than others in this depending upon their tendency to stretch. You want the nodes to be so close together they eventually become one mass. That's the very definition of reaching full potential.
    The ultimate bud mass increasing technique is monster cropping. That's when you flip the plant to bloom phase and then revert back to vegging for a couple weeks & then flip back to 12/12 again. Doing this forces the plant into preflower which makes tight nodes. It sets your grow back awhile as they plants transition back and forth but results in super fat squatty plant structures. Try it! Good luck and happy growing!!!

    stiffnuts12 Member

    im having a hard time with humidity. on the low end im around 48 high end around 70 any tips to keep it down? i have two house fans going plus a 6 inch exhaust fan pulling air from my tent

    badmojo420 Well-Known Member

    get an intake fan to complete the circulation and that should help humidity but if it doesnt you could always get a dehuey.

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Does it just dump the air into a (bed?)room, the same room from which your tent's passive intake pulls air in from?
    It's a tough one, but if you can manage to plump your exhaust outside your room, and leave a window open for passive intake, that will really help you keep your humidity close to background levels.

    I wasn't able to do this so I'm in the market for a dehumidifier. Don't get a mini one, they do nothing. They do about half a liter a day. The strong ones do like, at least 10L per day.
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    stiffnuts12 Member

    lol i bought a small dehumidifier its not that great. ive been looking at a intke fan. my exhaust is dumping into my livingroom from the bedroom.
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    4(207) Well-Known Member

    Let em flower 10 weeks.
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