How to Achieve lower nitrogen in later flowering.

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    Hey Guys, I had a question about achieving nice yellow leaves(without the burned edges) in later flowering stages. Say 7 weeks in. The reason why I'm asking is a lot of growers tend to pull their fruit while their leaves are still dark green(Full of nutrients, Nitrogen specifically).

    So my question is (Regardless of the medium, Although I'm using FFoF) how does one bring down the level of nitrogen in a later flowering stage without robbing the plant of other nutrients at the same time? If the plant is over-fed, Would a PH flush be all that is needed to bring down the nitrogen level? How long does it usually take to notice a change from an over-fed plant?

    Removing the nitrogen helps remove the chlorophyll and create a smoother taste. It also jumps start the drying process.

    But I struggle with getting lower nitrogen levels and although my plants ripen, They could be better and smoother if I could figure out how to achieve nice yellow leaves that some of the experienced growers achieve.

    It's kinda a slap in the face when you see posts like "Oh noe help my plant is turning yellow and I'm so close to harvest". The pictures they link are nice thick colas with yellow fan and sugar leaves waiting to be pulled.

    So if anyone could shine some advice I'd appreciate.

    I have the issue in FFoF specifically, I use distilled water throughout flower and never really have to feed. I use molasses too but I don't think that's the problem. PH is usually 6.5, Should I lower that to lock the plant out of nitrogen and allow it to use the rest of the nitrogen?



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    Well right now theres not much you can do, if you want to only get rid of nitrogen. You don't feed it, so more flushing would just release more nutes from the soil. And transplanting to a weaker soil would cause it to hermy this late. Just leave it, and see how it tastes when dried, it it's shit, watercure it. I've read some people give nutes all the way without flushing and the smoke is smooth after the watercure.

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    It depends on the type of nitrogen. Nitrates can be washed away (leached) but urea tends to stay around a little longer. Normally you cut back nitrogen during mid flowering so by the time you harvest you've only been feeding PK. If your feeding an an all purpose mix, yeah you'll have some nitrogen left over, but if it's slow releasing organics, its not going to be a lot. Nothing like a hydro setup. I wouldn't even worry about it if your using good organic fertilizers.

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    JrDavis.... Nitrogen is most available between 5.9 & 6.4 in soil, above that pH level, Nitrogen is less available. If you feed and/or water at 6.5 to 6.8 pH you won't rob Mary of the P & K she needs (if present in the medium, or the feeding solution), while locking the Nitrogen out. This will help ensure the fade.
    Plain water only (pH'd of course) the last 7 to 10 days & it's all good......

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    I agree, late yellowing is absolutely the best. Have you tried Subcool's super soil? Timing is impeccable with this soil. And you don't have to do a thing except topping at week 4! If' you not accustomed to scheduled feeding or that type of feeding is such a buzzkill, try his recipe. It's really easy -the hardest part is mixing it up. Three or four weeks before flowering the plant, transplant into a larger container with 30-40% SS/60-70% FFOF/Light Warrior -WITH THE SS CONCENTRATE FILLED AT THE BOTTOM AND FF/LW AS A BUFFER BETWEEN THE ROOTS AND SS! Top layer feed at week 4(for a 9 week flowering plnat) and that's it. No need to worry about what nitrogen is about what etc with this tested recipe. Teas/inoculates and other extras are really not necessary but they do contribute.

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    That doesn't add up, ocean forest out the bag, just distiller water, a ill molasses, and you're saying they're still dark green @ harvest?
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    i agree, that doesnt seem right. i use highly ammended soil in large containers and most of my plants are quite heavily faded by harvest. ffof is part of my base mix, and i add plenty of nitrogen to go with it. could you describe your methods and setup in a little more detail? i think that will help generate more helpful answers.
    edit: by the way, my avatar is one of my plants a few days before harvest.


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    Flush with plain water and wait, the leaves have to fade eventually. (No molasses too) It seems your microbes are doing a good job of making everything available. I doubt you found the first nitrogen fixing cannabis variety!

    Also keep in mind that you want to flush your buds, not your leaves. Senescense (the sought leaf fade) is a natural sign that this is occurring and it will help quality as you say. Kyle Kushman recently told me he removes all fan leaves 2 weeks prior to harvest to flush his BUDS for the ultimate fade and quality.

    Also, it could relate to light intensity and the metabolic rate of the plants. If these are relatively low maybe ffof could carry a plant as far as you say with only plain water?

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    get rid of the FFOF.

    you never want to purposely feed your plant an altered PH just to lock out nutrients, that will hinder the bud growth while the excess nutes are being used. the fade should be all natural.


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    Great thread bro's its the only place where you hear debates on both parts ,what I am learning is it is mostly self intuition ,literally something new everyday (emoji thumbs up)

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