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Nov 29, 2014
    1. Josh241
      Ay wut r the best made of that they lay over u to block x-ray? My only option is to walk thru the machine and I need help. Is there a way to make the green not show up as green?
    2. defec1
      Thank you for the great blogs. They cleared up a lot for me and I can't wait to give your ideas a try.
    3. deejay123
      Yo vin! Thanks for accepting the friend request.

      Basically i just want to view the trichs to see when they are turning colour. If i get the belomo triplet 10x will i be able to tell if they are going cloudy etc?? I dont wanna go mad and get the 100x to see every little detail i just want to see as a whole when its ready. Im currently on day 25 of flower im gonna post some pics in a new thread will u be able to take a look please man? This is my first time u see :)
    4. deejay123
      Yo man! Hows things?

      Listen do you remember that thread i started a while back about loupes and magnifiers? You said to me that i will only need a 10x triplet beloma loupe and that will be more than enough because loupes work differently than magnifiers? I re posted a similar thread today and people are saying that the beloma 10x will not be enough for trich use? Just want to double check with you before i buy one because i believe u no what your talking about! Cheers again
    5. Vindicated
      Thank you for the kind words.
    6. STZ
      You have been giving great advice around the Organics forum and for that I thank you. Its good to dispel some myths and dispense knowledge about organic gardening. Keep it up!
    7. Weed Anubis
      Weed Anubis
      great read +rep ---> Converting Fertilizer NPK Ratings to PPM and Teaspoons per Gallon
    8. Gopedxr
      hey whats up i wanted to ask ya real fast if ya got a minute or two to check out my grow thread. This is my first one i am doin outdoors but i got a lot of new flavors this year like banana kush apricot cotton candy and i cant wait to see how they come out! And i am also still on the fence on what nutes to use for flower. Thanks a lot here is the link.
    9. BucketGrower
      thank for the help bro! I think I'll use the chlorine remover stuff on a plant or two and compare the health and vigor to the plants with plain tap water
    10. Vindicated
      I start w/ Miracle Grow seed starting mix. I then add a liberal amount of perlite and worm castings (5:3:1 ratio)

      Lighting: Hydrofarm Hood w/ 125-watt CFL 2-3 inches from the plant plus 1 CFL on the side. 1st and 2nd week at 24/7 lighting. 3rd week begin harding off for outside and switch to 18/6. 4th week 12/12 (or match outside lighting) & allow to stay for longer periods outside. End of 4th week I transplant to raised garden bed which has kellogg soil plus fertilizer.

      The hardest part of the grow is the insects. And actually, more often its my over reaction to them that does the most damage. I have yet to have a plant die because of bugs. But they have died when I've applied insect killer (even organic stuff). Best stuff for me so far has been ice cold soapy water and daily inspections.
    11. sf420
      I thank you again for the nute info on white rhino! What brand of soil and nutes do u use? I am almost ready to grow but I have to go on work trip for two weeks out of state . How far do I hang my MH light250w over top of my seedlings. How long do you let yours veg. Thanks man
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    If you build up the soil with organic material, the plants will do just fine.
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