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    yung420 Well-Known Member

    What's good everyone, I am a long time member of this community and a happy stoner, and this is my first post in a long time so apologies if this is in the wrong section. Now I live Tenn, and was wondering how easy is it to get something shipped through usps from somewhere, prices are ok, not bad but I've seen and am used to better, so I'm looking to venture out and find other ways to get what I want. So any input is helpful, thanks in advance.

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    Extremely low morale in the mail world. No one gives a crap there. Budget cuts across the board and they even closed up sorting facilities in Chattanooga a few years back. But can't just ignore something that's obvious. A good portion of it is actually processed in KY and GA then moved to TN. I've had a bean order go through KY, Then to GA and then to me.
    You're a stones throw away from some lucrative guerrilla growing possibilities in any direction. Produce your own quality.
    Weed is barely on LEO's radar at the moment. Hell they haven't put choppers out for 2 seasons in my neck of the woods. I'm more worried about hunters and kids with drones.
    The focus right now is Heroine>Meth>RX Drugs>and a whole host of other things and then weed.
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    yung420 Well-Known Member

    A damn good suggestion, I've been also thinking about that also, I'm mainly an indoor grower, and have been for 16 years, but I moved to a different location in Tenn. But I might have to explore that option

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    Well the weather is safe for tossing out plants and clones from 4/20. I've literally seen a snowstorm hit hard on 4/19 and had to do the mad dash to grab seedlings/clones. Don't put them out any sooner. Not a day unless they're right where you can access them easily. And that was after a solid week + of 60 degree days and 40 degree nights. It dropped to a freakish freeze overnight and was gone the next day. Then rolled into good weather. Killed a few. The rest would have been dead without my grabbing them.
    Start Autos 4-6 weeks early and then toss them out. You do NOT want to start them on 4/20. They'll be trying to finish up in July. July = 100+ degree days and nights with high humidity. There will be budrot, plants all out shutting down and mold. I don't care how "mold tolerant" a breeder claims a strain is. It won't stand up to those temps with humidity in the 80s. If it rains it's worse. Then you have them in thick wet fog all night.
    Flowering outdoors starts around August for Indica dom plants. Start looking for balls and pistols around the last week of July if you're not running feminized seeds or clones. Your fast flowering plants will be ready to chop at the end of Sept. You can feasibly keep long flowering Sativas out until late November if you're not high up in the mountains.
    Fence your long running plants up. Your dope will be the only thing green the animals find.
    Carry your gear in and then your plants/seeds if you're having to travel with them. Have a good cover in case you run into coppers. Gold panning kits are cheap as well as metal detectors. They'll explain digging tools.
    If it's public land try and scope the area out with a trail cam for any hunter traffic.
    Try and avoid State Parks/lakes.
    I've had Game Wardens appear on me quite literally in the middle of nowhere like they had The Ring of Sauron on.
    Stay out of and away from TVA properties. Those guys don't play and they do keep cameras in the woods + have full time people employed to monitor them. 24/7.
    Highway sides are risky. Lots of work release/community service peoples on foot cleaning those up. So far enough away that they can't be spotted by them or smell gets to them.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    I live in eastern tn, buy equipment and seeds often, never had any problem getting either.
    it snowed here 3 days ago for the first time this year. didn't stick, but that's usually a good sign the seasons over.
    as far as being used to better, you just gotta hook up with the right people, there's good shit round here.
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    Blackev New Member

    Are you still inquiring on your shipments??

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    you a cop?

    Blackev New Member

    No.. no need to ask. What is your email or phone?

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