how do you use Florakleen or any flushing agent for soil.

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Fresh 2 [email protected], Aug 16, 2012.

    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    i just use this yesterday @ 1tsp per gallon and i am now seeing burnt tips. how does this works for soil?

    my purpose for using it was to eliminate salt build up so i did as instructed on the bottle (which seems to me to be a little vague) added the recommended dosage and watered until runoff. what i couldn't understand was how much, so i water until ppms was back in range.
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    water is fine

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Aren't these things you are supposed to use at the very end of the cycle to try and "flush" out unused nutes? I have used clearex, but as I said the plant was at the end of the it doesn't matter if it has burnt tips or not...because in a few days I am going to pull it anyway, ya know...I don't see any reason to purchase such an item, but they sent me some free samples so I gave it a try...didn't see any difference in anything...haven't used it again since.

    requiemflow Member

    do you have to really add gallons and gallons of water after u use the floraclean or can u just use the floraclean 2 tbsp with 1 gallon of water.

    requiemflow Member

    basically without being too confusing is can i just use 2 tbsp of floraclean and 1 gallon of water for each one of my plants (they r in 7 gallon planters) is that suffient or does water need to be added more and more to continue to flush the floraclean out
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    that's basically what i've been trying to figure out. i did noticed that when i flushed i used less water to bring down ppms and raise ph. i guess it's like flushing with a low based fert, but just with carbs and sugar.

    also this isn't just for flushing at the end of a plants life cycle, a lot of people use it for coco and some in soil due to heavy salt build up.
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    just saw this on another page asking the same question


    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    A good grower doesn't have 'heavy salt buildup' in their medium. If one learns to feed correctly, not only does one not need to 'flush' with expensive sugar water, but they can also reuse their medium.
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    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    i will take that as your opinion rather than fact, you dudes make me laugh. im pretty sure there are a some people would beg to differ and legitimately do so.

    not to be funny, but i am looking for facts not your assumptions/opinions. on another note, i do agree with you about it being an expensive sugar water.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    The fact is that you wasted money on something that 'works' no better than tap water. Those of us 'dudes' who don't feed our plants like a$$hats don't need to spend money on products to compensate for our lack of know-how. You should take a step back and ask yourself why it is your medium is laden with heavy salt buildup. Fix the bad practices and ditch the flushing agents. Not only will it save you money but your plants will yield more of higher quality meds. That's your goal, right?

    The plant below was from a freebie pack of seeds but it was grown in recycled promix. At close to six months of use, it's pretty easy to maintain plant health when you're feeding properly. Good luck!

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    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    ok i dig, you got my attention. good thing you brought up promix because that and gh 3 part is the issue. ph keeps getting low and if i don't catch it in time it starts to lock out p and other nutrients. i already research how to fix the issue but no one sales dolomite lime around here so florakleen was the next best fix. as dude stated "water alone only flush out loose nutrients but doesn't unbid anything from the roots or soil, so a flushing agent has a purpose whether you believe it or not. 15 cash for a gal isn't much but definitely could of went to something more useful in regards to my grow setup.
    also got to apologize for coming off like that, it seems like some of the older members like to throw their status around with us newbies and i mistaken you for one of them, so please forgive me.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Leach your medium with a few gallons of tap water, or use your new product if you'd like. Measure the pH and ppm of your runoff. If the pH of your medium is 5.0, try averaging it by leaching with water (or your new product) that's been adjusted to 7.0.

    Now, how much are you feeding because it sounds like too much. Are you watering to the point of runoff each time? Are you feeding with every watering? It's important to maintain the health of your medium by insuring that nothing builds up over the short time that a plant is in it.
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    ok cool. the highest i have fed on this current crop is 500ppms for clones and 450 seeded plants. clones are almost a month old and seeded plants are 5 weeks old. now here's where i get confused, i used to water until 10-15% runoff but i've been told not to and to only water just enough to saturate the medium with like 1% runoff. so that's what i've been doing.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    I dont know if you actually can read plants since they give the best indicate whats their needs. Let plants guide you !! feed less is more better and it will reward you by a big yield !

    not hurt to use TAP water flush once a week thats way you maintain medium as salt build up-free.

    Homebrewer always give every growers a best advice and hes one that make me better grower :D

    Hope this will help ya !

    happy gardening.

    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    I know it's an old thread, but maybe someone will make use of the info. Flushing and cleaning agents are not necessary at all and actually stress the plant to an extent. If proper feedings are given, there is no need to flush ever! The op mentioned that promix and gh are the issue? That's all I've been using for a year now, and im still using the same 2 bags of promix that I got a year and a half ago, now growing plants 11, 12, 13, 14 in them. Each plant gets bigger and better looking. First grow netted me half oz off each plant..last grow netted me half a pound with 3 plants. Using just small cfl's and an old mars 300 with gh micro and gh bloom and I had a stronger 3$ fert from the hardware store. Never flushed the soil..but feedings, especially the last 2 grows have been very precise! I also water with virtually no runoff anymore, until the last week. Someone also mentioned to test your runoff? That can be quite tricky as simply taking the water that drips out the bottom will not give you an indication of your soil's actually need to take a sample of the soil at the root zone.

    blizzybetty New Member

    Some of us are new & still figuring things out. We make mistakes. Stop with the crappy attitude. Are you going to help, or put people down for trying their best...which is most likely not at professional level? Nobody needs to be put down by you, dude. Sheesh.

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    i been using in coco i think it said 5 ml per gallon i use a ten liter witch is like 2 and a half 3 galons so per ten liters iv been using 10 ml

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    how mutch runoff u getting i was told u also mix jp 1 4th strenthg nute mix plus the florakleen but i am not an expert however it ddod get tje runoff withinn range im in a 5 gallon and it took me 2 or 3 flushes with a ten liter buket to get it in range im not an expert at all this is what i was told to do and it worked for me

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I used it once then learned how to feed properly;)
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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    ic been feeding properly but im in coco and let it get to fpdry this needing to flush all ima say is i fuked up in some way this needing to flush my runnof last night was 3.6 ina 5 gal made up a 1/4th strenth mix with the florakleen put 10 liters thru it 2 or 3 times and got it to an aceptable range i did it how i was told to and it was saisd tjat id probly need to put that amount of water thrue it
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