High Level CIA whistle blower tells all

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    I appreciate your comments Michael. Thanks for speaking about Alex Jones.

    I feel strongly that there are plans in motion far above the presidents of this world or the prime ministers. Some say one currency in 2018. We've had upheaval and the loss of rights continually since 1947 because so many countries around the world follow the USA and they lost control of their country in 1913 with the fed reserve which has been brought up at more than one news source. Then in 1947 the USA implement the National security act and my best guess is the plan for world domination continued after world war 2 and it's just hummed right along.

    There's bad stuff coming and I think TRUMP is just a finger in a dam that's about to burst.

    I'd also like to clear the air too, I made an error in judgement mentioning Breitbart as a reliable news source. I'm not so sure about that so I'm willing to say so. I have learned a lot though from watching a number of other personalities like Paul Joseph Watson and Lisa Haven.

    Here's an overview video of the one world currency plans taking full control in 2018....the crest of the wave isn't far off...my opinion is that mainstream will gravitate to whatever is announced that will unify countries enough to warrant giving up their independence. It's way above red flag lads. In my opinion of course.

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    Your conspiracy theories have you looking in exactly the wrong directions.

    If you think the Chump is holding back your 'New World Order' you've got it exactly backwards.

    Follow the money. It's the only thing that matters.
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    You do k ow that weed can cause the onset of psychosis in people? They need to be prone to it. Studies back this.

    Maybe lay the weed down for a couple months at least. Let the fog clear.
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