High-CBD Strains at Arizona Dispensaries?

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    Since over 70% of Arizona Medical Marijuana cardholders have chronic pain, it's strange that there aren't more high-CBD strains in Arizona. Very few dispensaries here carry them, and they are often sold out quickly. So I thought there should be a separate message thread on this topic:

    What Arizona dispensaries are currently carrying strains which have been tested at over 10% CBD?

    Looking at online data, The Kind Relief in Page, AZ currently lists
    KRx Cannatonic 15.1% CBD
    and Catalina Hills Care in Oro Valley (Tucson) lists
    Cannatonic 15.1% CBD

    If anyone knows of other Arizona dispensaries carrying CBD strains over 10%, particularly in the Phoenix area, please post the information here. (No extracts or edibles, please. Lots of places have those.)

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    Been shopping at Phoenix Relief a lot lately. Always insane deals there. Nabbed $170 ounces last month, the grower is good. The people at the counter are ok.

    They said they have lullaby coming down the pipe from their grow. Supposed to be really high CBD from BC. They said they will get it out on the shelves as soon as it's cured and tested.

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    Professor Snook

    Professor Snook Member

    If you have the inclination, there are strains available in northern California that regularly test at 19%CBD/ .7%THC. I use them to make oil extract for children with seizures and the results are miraculous It is clearly a bit of a drive but you won't have to wait anymore.
    Van Deemter

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    We've tested out two cultivars from breeder submissions recently at >18% CBD.

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    More AZ dispensaries are now carrying CBD strains. Currently, The Giving Tree has ACDC which they say tested at 12.4% CBD and 0.6% THC. That's a ratio of over 20:1.

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    I think that would almost qualify as hemp... I think.

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    I have been wondering about the high CBD strains. Do they really work for pain relief? I would think not cause to me its the THC and more indicas that give the body high that gives the relief.

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    There have been separate studies showing that both THC and CBD provide different pain relief, and the combination is stronger than either separately. Some of us have limited THC tolerance. With a high CBD strain, I can use more and get a lot more pain relief. I tried that ACDC strain from Giving Tree, and thought it worked well; it did also get me high after I used enough. CBD strains also are more soothing, and I have found they greatly reduce the uneasiness/paranoia sometimes caused by THC. (And CBD has a much longer half-life than THC.) So every day, I try to hit a THC strain and a CBD strain separately, and at different times.

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    Hi I just got my 7yr old daughter who has Rett Syndrome her mmj card, for seizures and anxiety. I am her caregiver and am looking for high Cbd strains like (charlotte web, acdc, harlequin). I will be making my own tinctures for her, so I would love to know of any places in Tucson that u may know that carry anything close to what we need or if I need to order from Pheonix. Tia

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    What is recommended for PTSD High CBD or THC?

    I was imprisoned at Desert Hills psychiatric hospital in Tucson from 10-11 for child abuse and I'm wondering if or how I can get any records from them to show PTSD as a qualifying condition? Apparently the hospital moved to Albuquerque after one of the PA's smothered a patient to death 15yo Edith Campos? I was clotheslined and sat on till I couldn't breath, then carried hogtied by 3 adults to a white padded room with boogers on the only window and writing on the walls written in blood or feces that had been cleaned, but the stains didn't quite come out of the cloth padding material so you could still read all the anguish and torment if you squinted your eyes just right FML? And what I had done was kick one of the large yellow kickballs all the way to the ceiling into the rafters/lights/HVAC of the auditorium/gymnasium after I had already been told not to LOL? How about putting up a net instead of using a padded room as a catch-all? Luckily I wasn't old enough to be in the adolescent wing because their padded rooms had straight jackets and electric chairs WTF?

    Also there was a kid named Casey who had a colostomy bag whose parents didn't love him either?


    P.S. is Professor Snook smell like bacon FTP?


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    Forgot to mention... A wonderfully brilliant psychiatrist prescribed me an adult dose of Wellbutrin when I wasn't even 90lbs yet, and it sent me into anaphylactic shock. I broke out in hives on over 80%+ of my body, and my airway started closing up which sent me into a panic attack. The panicking made it even harder to breathe, but luckily I realized pretty quickly that I had to stay calm and focus on breathing rather than the insane amount of itching and burning. I can tell you that any parent should rather their kid overdose on THC a dozen times than overdose on Wellbutrin even once!

    Also, the official report about Edith Campos being smothered to death for refusing to hand over a family photograph is a lie. The family photograph restraining event actually took place the day before. The day she was smothered into a "trance-like state" (sugarcoat much?) she was coming to the aid of another patient, commenter Camil Legarreta on Edith's findagrave page, who was in the process of being restrained when the aides turned on Edith, jumped on Edith and squished Edith half to death. I believe the staff lied in reports, and to investigators, that the restraint was over the family photograph because, as bad as that sounds, to say they were in the process of restraining another patient when they turned on Edith makes it look like they were in some sort of Royal Rumble, just wildly restraining patients left and right, which they were! When I was in, everyone got restrained and thrown in the hole for something, without exception, irregardless of what you were in for. That was just the routine. That was part of treatment. They restrain the crap out of you early on to break your spirit and show you the routine. Then they would threaten you with "time" or "time out" which could be anywhere from 30mins to 4hrs, and everyone knew what "time" meant. It meant time in that damn room! Most often dragged/carried, kicking and screaming, to it. A literal madhouse!

    In light of Camil Legarreta's testimony, I would say the case should be reopened and Daniel Thomas Walsh brought up on 2nd degree murder charges. There is no statute of limitations on second degree murder, or on falsifying public records. But then I think of Caylee Anthony and Eric Garner, and realize it would probably be a futile pursuit of justice.

    Camil Legarreta's comment on Edith's findagrave page...

    Flowers left for Edith Campos

    If anyone know her family I've been trying to get a hold of if it wasn't for Edith I would be dead she got the man off me cause I was screaming for help and she came in and got him off me and than they did the same and she died I love you Edith and think about u all the time
    - camil legarreta
    Added: Dec. 15, 2014

    Does that sound like Edith raised her fist in defiance to handing over a photograph? No, because the photograph incident happened either the day before, or earlier the same day. Edith was only in Desert Hills for a week and probably got restrained every day that she was in there. Probably multiple times per day.

    Edith Campos died a hero, fighting the good fight.
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    Funny how the troll thread I originally posted in has since been merged with this legit high CBD thread, and now it doesn't make sense. I will shine some light onto AZ's now defunct CPS agency in the near future, even though it will muddy up this legit high CBD thread. Just be aware that my tirade was originally under a different troll thread that has since been merged with this one in order to confuse and obfuscate.

    My apologies to those genuinely interested in High CBD strains and therapies available to patients in Arizona.

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    They have a CBD Dispensary here in Tucson , if any(one) is looking for local and non local obtained CBD flowers & extracts. Plus local glass as well

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