Hesi Nutrient review/grow advice (soil not hydro)

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    Thank you. Doc.

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    Hi Dr. Since I still have some of the Botanicare nutes on hands, and I have brew the tea you have listed above for the grow/Veg on day to day feeding schedule. the girls look very nice and greenish. Once I finish all the leftover nutes will give the Hesi a test.
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    Be damn careful ok? The whole idea of heavy AACT or especially the fert teas I gave you above.. Calls for serious reductions in the amount of the synthetic given.

    I would skip the fert teas and synthetic combo... You need to be rather advanced to do that and and not crispy your girls!

    Try running the HESI alone. Follow the charting exactly, except for.
    Drop the roots for 5ml of kelp extract (per gallon of feed) and the SuperVit isn't needed then either (far less expensive to run this way).

    Use a simple AACT bio tea once a week. Be prepared to have to reduce your feeding a little. The tea can really make the nutrient availability spike sometimes.

    Skip any MOAB (SolPoMag) or shit like that....It was something I just had to try, (because a friend was - stupid reason) and was NOT impressed in the end.

    I tried to take a new path to the finish..... It was hard on the plants and didn't return results near potentials..... This is about the point where I went all back to organic and abandoned synthetic experiments that were like Dr. Frankenstein meets Dr. Moreau......

    Interesting things were learned but, not followed after a year of creating torture to plants...

    I can not say enough on how much you may like the Hesi though! That's truly good stuff and charted well too......

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    Thanks. Dr.
    The Hesi nutes is on the way. I just brewed 5 gallons of this tea and give it tried, and even though is not that expensive for all of those ingr. Once the Hesi on hand will skip all of those tea. Thanks for your comments. Really appreciated.

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