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    First off let me start off by saying this is obviously my own opinion and experiences with these various products, if others have different methods than share them but I am not writing this to start any arguments, just a review of my experiences, good and bad.

    Ok now to start off I have been using the hesi line for over a year with fairly positive results. The products I am using or were using are : Bloom, Super vit, root complex, TNT, Phosphorus plus. (didnt buy the power zyme, snake oil is what I say)

    Along with the Hesi I also use: Bud candy, Magi-cal, General hydro PH up and down. I will review those the same as hesi.

    I was skeptcial of this whole line from the start but the partner I have now had been using it with ok results, so we set up a 2000w grow in our new house and through out this spiel I will try to accompany pictures to coincide with what I'm talking about. Strains are Bubba Kush, and Church. Every strain is different so you will have to figure out what works best for you but I can tell you that with minimal nutes and veg time I can pull 1.75 dry off one light and the ladies are healthy and happy. If i vegged longer I could get more but running a perpetual and sometimes being lazy leads to throwing little gals in and making them perform. (and little means like a week veg out of cloner lol, not smart but gotta do what you gotta do)

    PH-6-6.5 with Ro water ( hydrologic stealth RO 100, which I can review and show my setup if you would like me to, say something and I can put pics up)

    Using Happy frog soil with some other various additives.

    First lets start with Bloom: Bloom is a nice product but it should come with some warnings and labels, especially for the newbie grower just getting started. I always go by the motto less is more and with these products your plants will thank you a million times over. For the first crop or two I devised a system labeling a 60 day cycle with certain percentages of what I would use and it ended up with me using around 75% to full strength (hesi bloom is 20ml per gal for full) by the end of the 60 days excluding flush of course. This was a bad idea and became quite apparent that I was getting nice size buds and excellent smoke, but the plants were terrible looking by the end of the road, more than normal yellowing. The bubba liked the nutes more than the church but the church would burn very easily which i found out a bit later. So i started adjusting and basically started by giving 12.5 percent at the start and not really going past 25 percent by the end and they are looking awesome. I also supplement the plants with some Root throughout flowering along with TNT and its typically in small amounts (2ml per gal) but keeps the plants looking fresh and happy. It has been said hundreds of times to run nitrogen based foods into flowering and hesi even says it on their little card they give you but you will see in pictures that my ladies love it throughout the whole cycle.

    TNT: This is a excellent plant food and my little gals really like it (when I actually give them more than a week or two for veg), I'll usually mix up 1-2 mls per gal of TNT and root and give to to my ladies that are in cups and they shoot up like rockets, I have a few pics of some I can put up. It is also great for mothers because for instance I have a mother around 1.5 years old and she gets sad and shitty sometimes and with a little dose of TNT and ROOT, she pops rite back with some excellent clones, just remember less is more and to really read your strains, its a shame when people use the label recommendations and end up burning there plants to death which isn't hard with nutrients like this. If somebody uses more and wants to comment on strains vs their experience that would be nice.

    Phosphorus PLUS: To be honest, I don't have much to say other than I use right around 20% the last 4 weeks and the plants never seem to show any phos deficiency. I understand to a certain degree that the plants start needing more phos late in flower and I won't pretend to know every scientific detail but I have by accident more or less not put it in but maybe once through a whole crop and not noticed anything different so I am not sold on it and do not usually worry about it, like I do my other nutes. I'm not saying i don't put it in if its sitting there but I have two rooms and if it's in the other room, i dont worry about it and just leave it out. Not very helpful I know but if anyone wants more on the dosages I use message me .

    Super Vit: What can I say lol, what a expensive load of crap, I used to use it all the time and even would put a drop in a gal and spray the clones, in my opinion it is a huge waste of money. 15 bucks for a tiny vial, snake oil is what I say but if you have other experiences by all means speak up.

    Root complex: Well I already touched a bit on this earlier but it is a great boost to plants looking a bit sad, just using a little for mothers and small vegging plants really makes a difference, just don't over do it. During flowering it works great to adjust the plants from flouros to HID (2 1000w HPS), I don't usually let them adjust to the light and just throw them in and never have any troubles. I definitely stand by TNT and Root the most out of all their products.

    Bud Candy: This stuff seems to work great and makes the ladies glisten with sticky trichomes , I will try to capture close ups of some buds that will be done this next week, there frosty. But before anyone starts arguing, I know strains and conditions are majority of the reason for your quality but my conditions are ideal and this stuff definitely adds a nice pop to the buds. I use about 1ml per liter, which 2ml per liter is full strength. This stuff in my case is ok to use up to full strength, my plants didn't mind it when I did, but I opted to use less and still achieved excellent results, I'll explain a bit more below.

    Magi-cal: Well obviously anyone who uses RO water will need a supplement, or should use one atleast, I chose Magi-cal as a recommendation from a friend and it has seemed to work out quite well, although beware when using a mg-cal supplement and bud candy because bud candy is also mg sulfate. Not to scare anybody but like I said above I use about 1ml of bud per liter and use about 50% of magis recommended full strength which is 5ml per gal, so 2.5ml per gal of magi and 1ml per liter of bud, or 4ml per gal of bud for people who aren't savvy with numbers.

    Overall I have been able to get it dialed in and make it work for me, I would like to hear from others using Hesi and see some pics if possible, I will have pics up in the next few days, crop will be coming down soon so i can also post some post cut pics.

    bigbud :joint:
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    IMG_1505.jpg IMG_1507.jpg IMG_1506.jpg IMG_1471.jpg IMG_1466.jpg IMG_1475.jpg IMG_1503.jpg IMG_1474.jpg IMG_1468.jpg IMG_1504.jpg IMG_1519.jpg IMG_1470.jpg IMG_1502.jpg IMG_1469.jpg IMG_1476.jpg IMG_1487.jpg IMG_1463.jpg IMG_1501.jpg IMG_1486.jpg

    bigbud89 Member

    These images are of about a year ago when it was just getting rolling and the setup was being tweaked, it has been awhile since I looked at these and they look fairly green which i didn't remember but also these ladies vegged for quite sometime and were kinda big. If you have any questions about setup or a specific picture just ask, I dont really feel like explaining each picture, but this is all Hesi products in use. I will have pictures up in a few of the crop I'm on now, although i tore my room down so it looks kind of shitty but I will be building a 4000w grow room soon and will probably be putting that process up. Notice to the bud size of these ladies at the end and you will see a tremendous difference in the current pics, the plants are smaller of course but fat buds.

    bigbud89 Member

    Current pictures, sorry they look like shit, my camera blows and the HID's make it impossible to get good ones, once there chopped i will take some normal ones. But the girls on the left are coming up on 4weeks and the ones on the right are coming down within the next week, sometimes i give them a extra week, they are looking nice though. The girls on the left are about half and half bubba and church and as you might be able to see the church turns into a bush and the bubba keeps a more slender appearance, both put out some nice high quality bud. I'm in the process of getting some new strains for the new setup which will be nice.

    Bigbud :joint:
    IMG_1582.jpg IMG_1578.jpg IMG_1573.jpg IMG_1569.jpg IMG_1575.jpg IMG_1571.jpg IMG_1567.jpg IMG_1574.jpg IMG_1579.jpg IMG_1576.jpg IMG_1570.jpg IMG_1577.jpg IMG_1580.jpg IMG_1568.jpg IMG_1581.jpg IMG_1566.jpg IMG_1572.jpg

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    Just outta interest, why the Magi-Cal with the Hesi nutes? The website states they are complete, so why the need for the supplement?

    bigbud89 Member

    Well about 8 months ago I started having trouble with a batch of plants and my buddy who runs our local garden center gave me the advice to run that if running RO and I haven't had a problem like that since, my RO comes out at about 20-30ppm so I supplement it with magi and although Hesi may claim to be fully self sustaining with it's nutrients I think as with any nutrients you must take their claims with a grain of salt and actually put the time in doing your own experimenting because if i used their chart/advice for growing I would have no plants left lol.

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    So they're NOT complete nutrients then, cool, cheers man.

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    Here are some pics of the freshly chopped bud, sorry for the quality, the crappy camera i have doesn't do them justice, with a nice cure this stuff should be some of the best to date, also I am expecting around 1.25lbs off this, less than what I stated above I know but these were put in really really small. Ill take what I can get, the other ones I shouldn't have a problem pulling more. This is only 7of 16 plants btw, just do people didn't think i was saying I was pulling 1.25 off these. Peace, Bigbud :bigjoint:
    IMG_1592.jpg IMG_1584.jpg IMG_1587.jpg IMG_1591.jpg IMG_1605.jpg IMG_1603.jpg IMG_1599.jpg IMG_1594.jpg IMG_1601.jpg IMG_1588.jpg IMG_1602.jpg IMG_1595.jpg IMG_1583.jpg IMG_1590.jpg IMG_1586.jpg IMG_1589.jpg IMG_1593.jpg

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    Great Thread for Hesi users! Thanks for sharing your finding. I just started a new cycle with Hesi Nutes and have been a little nervous since it has been hard to find others who use this nute. Great idea about adding Bud Candy, I'll try that. Much improvement over the last year, congrats. I'll share what my findings are as I go. One!

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    Hey i use hesi nutes many times and get awosme results...Water platns with hesi nuts 2 times in week when is flowering...DONT SPRAY PLANTS WITH "SOIL" HESI NUTES!This nutes are only for soil watering and not foliar feeding...Have fun!

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    Hello bigbud I have been looking for hours on ends for info for some sick ladies and have come across your thread very good by the way if I give you some info and some pictures could you try and shed some light for me please I also use the hesi range I'm getting so frustrated because everywhere I look I read something different I'm at a dead end

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    thinkin about using hesi nutes on my crop of 8 waist high girls there ready for flowering ive been using organic to veg so they should jump with this stuff any tips/
    Dr. Who

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    Ok...first off Hesi's directions are for an AGGRESSIVE feeding routine.. In many years of use I have found that for the most part their's does work and well, but you must know that they are using 3 gallon or larger pots. indica's and some hyb. work very well with the aggressive feeding but I feel you should have a good knowledge of what your doing to run that.

    Next, power zyme is NOT snake oil! and should be used. It contains the very useful MICRO NUTES!!! that are NOT in the other Hesi nutes.... In fact Hesi zyme has now been voted and tested out as the BEST zyme on the market!

    Use CALiMAGic for RO suppliment before you add nutes! 3ml per gal is what I run.

    A quick note on advanced nutes. RIP OFF!!!!!! they have 3 diff. suppliments that are the exact same thing at 3 diff. RISING prices!!!
    and BUD CANDY is one of them. I use Botanicare SWEET UNFLAVORED. What this MAG&SULFER suppliment does is increase the tricome and terpentene levels in your finished plant. IT WORKS!

    I do my Hesi runs like this. VEG
    use the listed concentrations of TNT, POWER ZYME and SUPERVIT (the vit contains needed amino's that help your plant with growth regulation and overall health levels....NOT SNAKE OIL....Look at House and Garden,,,,they use a stand alone amino and it works! Hesi just contains extra B vits along with the aminos)
    ONLY USED THE ROOT COMPLEX 1 to 2 times a week!!!!! ( I use it once every 4 days)
    FEED EVERY OTHER DAY! unless you are running the aggressive listed use.

    I use MAD FARMER silica at a rate of 2.5ml per feeding to up the cellular strength of my plant. It also allows the plant to tolerate higher temps that are associated with the use of CO2 in flower.

    at change over I drop all use of ROOT COMPLEX.
    Run the stated concentrations of BLOOM COMPLEX, SUPER VIT and ZYME -
    and drop the CALiMAGic and start SWEET UNPLAVORED at 5 ml per gal for 1 weeks.

    At week 2 up the SWEET to 10ml

    AT week 3 up the SWEET to 15 ml

    At week 4 begin the use of PHOSHORURS PLUS at stated Hesi levels and drop the silica use to 0.

    At week 5 up the SWEET to 20ml and begin adding 1 tsp of unsulfered molasses continue this till wash and you will be beyond happy with your crop!!!!

    As far as hydro go's I feel that Hesi is far and away the best nutes out there for that application! SIMPLE , CLEAN RUNNING and just use as directed ,,,,, You may want to lower concentrations for pure sativa's by 25% at first try......Better yet you should run sativa's organic in dirt , using a tea!

    I HIGHLY suggest using MAD FARMER up and down as it contains a better more stable mix of chems and has NO DYE in it. (be careful as the down can be twice as strong as all the rest of the downs on the market)

    Grow on and enjoy!
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    I use hesi and i like them a lot

    During VEG i use mostly the root stuff and a little hesi grow , i find most plants don't need a lot of stuff during veg but i suppose it depends on the soil used and the plant
    As soon as they are in flower mode I give them full flower nutes every water with no burn or other problems i water every day in the current climate (summer so a little on the warm side), at the start of week 3 i add phosphorus again at full dose at around 4-5 weeks i increase flowering nutes by an extra 2 ml per 2 litre and increase the phos my 1 ml per 2 litre ( I think i could take it higher to be honest but i'm a little afraid)
    P.S i don't use the zyme as i have been told its not so useful in soil more for hydro
    also i use super vit for the entire cycle
    ill post some pics when i get them , but really recommend the hesi range as has been said as an aggressive feed , my plants love the stuff and smell , size and crystal production are awesome , and great for beginners , one of the best things about the hesi bloom complex is it auto changes the PH of tap water into the light-acid value that plants need to absorb the correct nutes during flowering also has no filters and therefore no residue (it says on the bottle =) )

    Tomiie18 Active Member

    I use HESI nuts for soil, this is the best, check out my grows in my signature. If u got any question ask me.

    CheeseLouise Member

    some pics at around 6 weeks from 12/12 Image1260.jpg Image1452.jpg Image1457.jpg
    fan leaves starting to yellow , buds starting to fill out , and crystals bubbling up nicely , had no problems this time =D

    CheeseLouise Member

    The only problem i had was not feeding them enough , like i say i feed full strength every day
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I have again adjusted my feeding with Hesi.
    First off for beginners,,,,use as directed and be sure to use the ZYME as it contains your MICRO nutes! Use root at 1-2 times a week as the formula has changed.
    Hint- at change drop the roots and hit the girls with 5 ml of phos plus....first flower feeding,,,then begin phos use at 3 weeks and continue till end.

    exper. growers I run nutes on day one and alternate with my organic tea's for a day to day rotation.

    Veg Brew
    1 cup Earth Worm Castings or Alaskan Humus or fresh compost
    1/3 cup Mexican Bat Guano (Nitrogen rich guano)
    1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano (all around rich guano **BE CAREFUL**)
    1/2 cup Alfalfa meal
    5 TBS Black Strap Molasses
    5 TBS Liquid Kelp Extract

    Bloom Brew
    1 cup Earth Worm Castings or Alaskan Humus or fresh compost
    1/3 cup Jamaican or Indonesian Bat Guano (Phosphorus rich guano)
    1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano (all around rich guano **BE CAREFUL**)
    1/2 cup Alfalfa meal
    5 TBS Black Strap Molasses
    5 TBS Liquid Kelp Extract

    Use at 2/3 cup tea in a gallon container and I add 3ml of CaliMagic in veg and 10ml of Botanicare SWEET (unflavored) per gallon and fill container.

    To the Hesi in bloom I add 1 tsp of unsulfered molasses
    I run 10ml of phos at 3 weeks and up that to 15 at 5 weeks.
    For aggressive phos - take out 250ml of phos+ from the 1000ml bottle and add back 250ml of Hesi,s (hydro) P&K to the Phos+ bottle and feed as above

    at 6 weeks I will run 1/4tsp of MOAB (mother of all blooms from mad farmer) in every other Hesi feed. The MOAB works and if it does not increase bud size (does for me) it will increase the density and end weight of your buds.

    This is an AGGRESSIVE bloom method that will turn your stem/sun leaves yellow earlier then normal as it makes the plant think it's near the end of it's life and it throws everything it can into flowering!

    I do gas in flower too.
    And yes, in soil I do not ph adjust my water

    good luck
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    More Details on the last post.

    on this line it should read - Use at 2/3 cup tea in a gallon container and I add 3ml of CaliMagic in veg and at bloom drop the CaliMagic and go to 10ml of Botanicare SWEET (unflavored) per gallon and fill container.

    as for an explanation of the Organic Tea's I use.
    You use the listed formula in a container that can hold the ingr. and 5 gallons of water. You use 2 air stones as large as can fit the container. along with a temp. controlled aquarium heater set at 70 Deg. Add the ingr. and the water, bubble the mix for 24 hrs and you have the "Tea" I use above. Other very great things come from organic teas. at 12-14 hrs you can pull out a 1/3 cup of the "tea", strain it through an old panty hose, add to 1 gallon water and spray this on your plants to kill/control powdery mildew and many other fungus and mildews all the while it acts as a great foliar spray. Be sure to spray while not under direct lighting!

    The great microbial benifits of the Organic tea only last for about 2-3 days. After that it's just a fertilizer. But you can proportionally reduce the formula to make less so it can be utilized while still at it's peak of microbial goodness.

    Don't throw out the "sludge" at the bottom of the bucket when your done with the Tea. I use it by mixing it into my vegi. garden outside and I don't see why you couldn't mix it into your potting mix but I would watch at what concentrations you would do so, i.e. keep it light if you use a fortified mix like "SUBCOOL'S" formula. Yes I do formulate my own organic soil mix's as I have found that I don't care for anything with coco coir. Mix's like Dr. Earth's POTting soil , while great stuff, it is to damn expensive. Fox farm happy frog and ocean formula's actually have introduced very unwanted pests like thrips,fungus nats and "SHUDDER" the dreaded ROOT APHIDS into my and other local gardens. This fact has been tested out as TRUE from Prof's at Mich State Univ. I got my BA there.

    While I could go into great detail on many aspects of the things I speak of here. I have limited time to do so. But if you ask me to I will answer your questions on these or other growing problems you may have.

    akize Active Member

    Going to use hesi in my next grow with drippers.Lets say I'm starting to flower, should the hesi bloom complex always be in my reservoir so the plants get nutrients with every watering?

    Going to use Hesi TNT,bloom complex,phosphorus-plus,power zyme and AN big bud.

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