Hermie or not really confused by my budding plant

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    ratchetscratchet Member

    Hiya I use this site for help wen I need it n I need help again lol.

    I was given a seed few month back n thought I'd give a go. As it was growing it looked like a female but now it budded I confused the top of the bud has hairs but at bottom it looks like pollen sacs which have opened ? It been a weird plant since i started growing it sum of the leaves used come out squashed up then most of them straighten out but some leaves die of (bout 5% ) do male plant buds have hairs?

    I will take pics n post later but phone not great so thought I'd see wat advice can get while I try get sum.

    Thanks in advance

    Rachell x
    3rd Monkey

    3rd Monkey Well-Known Member

    How long has it been budding?

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