hermie,huge buds,will it affect other plants

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    DocDoom85 Active Member

    Hello I have a sour diesel clone flowering its @ about 35-45 days,the colos are wrist/ankle size ..but Now all of a sudden its spitting out empty seed pods,I dont wont to trash the plant,But I dont want it to affect other plants , should I chop it most of the hairs are red,but the top's are still have white pistills and look like there growing

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    any way to quarintine that fucker in your room!!?? be very very careful and pull the nutsacks off as yu see them!! is takin it outside an option!!??

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    Oh fuck........All my space is filled up,going outside isnt a option, I have space for it elsewhere just no light........Im freaking out, I noticed seed looking buds on the plant next to the herm.............how did this happen theses are all clones

    oh there no nutsacks just empty seed pods .Look like pistlell coming out the fat buds as its growing , ive counted 3 so far

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    you sure she's hermie'n then!!?? the only thing i can think of is mom was!!....thats if the girls havent been stressed and providin you dont have light comin in durin dark time

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    Well this plants problay stressed out cause it was in a 90 degree grow room for a couple weeks, and this certian clone came from a outdoor grower that gets hermie plants alot............should I chop

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    its yur call bro!! weed with seed is better than none!!!....if their all clones from the "prone to hermie" plants then all of them will most likely hermie!!

    Johnou833 Active Member

    Sounds like light leaks to me, Get rid of the hermined plant ASAP or it WILL stop all your other plants producing THC and make them start producing seeds, Check intensly for light leaks

    mjh0817 Well-Known Member

    Foliar feed with snow storm ultra from humboldt county's own it sterilized and increases resin production

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Foliar feeding is unwise this late in flower - it can promote mould.

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    the rest of my clones are from the shop,this was the only hermie prone clone,,,,,,,,,,,So you guys are saying this will fuck up all my other plants .............this plant is almost done so it wont be horrible if i cut it down.......

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    Doc i dont know why these other boys told you to foliar feed and such!!? we are dealin with a hermie plain and simple.... not nutrients!! if the other girls arent "hermie prone" clones then i would chop it and get it away from the others!!

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    ya Im not foliar feeding , thanks for your help Im going to chop it tonight,it will still be at least a Zip

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    right on!!! at least you still got a lil sumthin sumthin!!!!
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    Ya man i think you will be good to chop it, to tell you the truth my lemon skunk just died and it was 29 days into flower, I stripped all the resinous plant matter from it that i could to make hash, about a QP dried in total, i took two of the buds off, dried them, cured them alittle, and smoked them to see if they were even worth saving the resinous material for and honestly man the two bowls i smoked both got me high as shit, way heady for sure, but none the less it got me high, so i think at 36 days it is probably worth it to just chop it although if your not seeing pollen pods then really their isnt a chance of it pollinating the other plants... Again this is if it is not producing pollen pods, chances are it produced a couple small pollen pods that wernt to noticable.

    Good luck and let us knows how it goes down..

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    Okay I chopped it Down.......but it affected a huge sage & sour @ 30 days right next to it.the top buds are looking good,but the bottoms are full of seeds ,Im so upset.I took that plant and decided to grow it by itself outside in a closet.

    I have 5 WW's showing preflowere's that were in the same room, are those hermied out to now

    DocDoom85 Active Member

    any one................
    badways caddy

    badways caddy Active Member

    Hey doc your hermie won't make ur other plants hermie although it could have pollinated them. But if their just preflowers u will only have a few seeds they should still finish up strong . Hope that helps

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    probably wayyyyyy to late to help
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    One post since 2011 and it's in a thread from 2010.
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