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    Absolutely! Regardless of what anyone says we shouldn't (as a community). Put that sort of shit in blast. Good lookin out my friend!

    Blitzedgrowkid08 Well-Known Member

    Northerner here too! :) whereabouts if u don't mind me asking? Heard good reports on jumbo grizzly from them!

    eyes Well-Known Member

    Thats good to hear. thanks.

    SpaaaceCowboy Well-Known Member

    So where's Waldo ?

    How about an update.

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    ProHuman Well-Known Member

    Hemp Depot is great.
    I have used them for quite some time, now.
    Each time my orders have been shipped quickly, received without issues,
    reasonably priced, and healthy beans with great genetics.
    Large selection of strains, due to all the companies they deal with.
    I would recommend their site to any growers who want seeds.

    waldo79 Active Member

    Have 2 Beanhoarder Afghan Haze 4 x Mango Haze, 1 Cannacopia Road Kill Skunk and 1 Beanhoarder Sweet Tooth x Malawi mothers going. Just started clones. Also from Hemp Depot Leprechaun Klondike 2 seedlings. Med Man Purple Pain Killer is next order probably. Taking a look at Sin City seeds Boss's Sister. Hemp Depot has come thru 100% so far. Might try Alibongo seed bank for Ace seeds Zameldelica, but I could find plenty to try at HD.

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    roadkill is a stink monster man!

    SpaaaceCowboy Well-Known Member

    do you get freebies with your orders ?

    Seems like some do get freebies and some don't
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    i gotta ask how did ya know they got ran over twice? 2 sets of tire tracks?

    A-DOG Member

    Don't order from Hemp Depot. Spent 200$ and received nothing. I think his packages are obvious to the customs people. Many say they got their order, I didn't. I'm angry, and feel stupid for trying. Thanks

    topcat Well-Known Member

    Hemp Depot was the first place I ordered seeds from. I used to use USPS money orders, now, I just send cash. It's that safe. I've never had an issue and always received my orders, some fast and some took 2 weeks. There has never been a Customs declaration on my packages, leading me to believe that Canadian shipments don't require them, or Customs inspections. I've never read of anyone receiving a parcel resealed with the "green tape" from Hemp Depot that overseas shipments do. Did you receive a package with nothing in it, or have you just not received it yet? I ask because apparently you know what the packages look like. Don't panic.
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    Old thread but just wondering if Hemp depot is still coming through. Might check out some beans through them is shit is still cool.

    eyes Well-Known Member

    They always come through. every order 14 -20 day turnaround. never missed.
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    peterbilt Member

    After CW and Heavens Stairway went down, HD was my go to. No freebies, nothng fancy but great prices and 100% success. Now we have the US vendors and for a tax, don't have to worry about pink slips from the feds.

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    Wow, this thread is back from the ethereal data graveyard! Sorry I didn't revisit this sooner but I was busy with a gig as the Most Interesting Man in the World! Well, by way of update I have ordered with success from HD since the ugly crushing incident - Beanhoarder Mango Haze x Black Widow, Richard William's Back to the Congo among others - considering some more Beanhoarder crosses and some from New 420 Guy. Would not order more than $75-80 at once. Got the same freebies on two orders, Mozambiquen Poison from Malberry seeds. Germinated first 10 seeds but the seedlings looked puny, scrawny so I pitched them to the trash. I've a 4x4 tent so I won't waste the time and space if things look questionable. Still have 10 more of that strain and will take another run at them in the future. Most recent order placed at Great Lakes Genetics before X-mas. GLG had BOGO on Bodhi so I could not pass that up. Ordered Soul Food and Jungle Spice and selected Dream Lotus and Bingo Pajama freebies. Plus a 10 seed pack of Bad Dawg seeds White Skunk x Long Bottom Leaf freebie. All for $147 sent in cash. Swag including t-shirt, stickers, small plastic container which I thought was a grinder at first. Packaging was very sturdy and had layers of protection for seeds. It could be crushed but it would take a lot more work than HD packaging. Not stealth really. Also see some strains at James Bean Company that I desire. I'm unable to grow at this time but I'll be back with my first grow/smoke report(s) in the future, hopefully before '18 is over. Non legal state here - Boooo!

    topcat Well-Known Member

    I just received my latest order. The length of time has increased and I think that's Canada Post's doing. From mailing to receiving took 3 weeks. Still sending cash and still reliable. Richard Williams Trainwreck is excellent, with 5 free seeds at the moment. I'll try Beanhoarder's Sweet Tooth 3 copy this year.

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