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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by waldo79, Dec 10, 2013.


    waldo79 Active Member

    Placed two seperate orders and received both of them. Spaced out orders every 2 weeks which is the time it took from dropping them in the mail to SE USA. Had one order earlier in the year get crushed (run over twice) by some prick at the post office so I only made small orders each time. Went with Beanhoarder Afgahan Haze 4 x Mango Haze & Sweettooth #3 x Malawi and Cannacopia BC Roadkill x Deep Chunk. Planning on more orders for Leprechaun and Med-man strains. Bonus - No going thru customs. Cheap shipping $5 but no stealth.

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Glad u got your beans!

    Out of curiosity, y do u say "bonus - no going thru customs"?

    waldo79 Active Member

    Yeah -Guess since HD is in Canada not required to run thru customs. No declaration sticker on package. Just postage.

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks, i will have to chk em out.

    MacByram Member

    Dropped an order 4 days ago, live in the Midwest I've never purchased from HD before hoping things go as planned. Looking forward to trying out some new strains!

    Aleamoni New Member

    Any good news yet?

    Aleamoni New Member

    I just placed my order yesterday.. Now to smoke it out of my thoughts. This is my attempt at patience. :bigjoint:

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry they'll come through. I send cash orders, no worries.

    BSD0621 Well-Known Member

    Update on the progress please!

    dopeydog Active Member

    i also just sent my first order ever to hemp depot just before Christmas. recieved confirmation the 19th and my seeds came the 29th. i sent a money order, slow style order it took 15-16 days from eastern US to go there and come back. about as fast as some European companies. once had a mark emery order take almost 60 so i have learned to be patient over the years.
    absolutly no stealth and i could hear my seeds before i opened it. on the flip side they sent more freebies(no name brand stuff) than the ammount of seeds i had ordered and cheap shipping $5.
    slightly annoyed with the seeds being obvious in the package but also not overly concerned these days. after almost 2 decades of listening i've yet to hear a (confirmed) story of somebody having legal issues becouse their seeds were taken by mail.

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    How much do you have to spend to get freebies, or do you have to ask for em? love the depot but never got any freebies. Don't blame um though I was trying out some cheap beans.

    jb5355 Well-Known Member

    i have ordered from HD many many times and never had any problems.

    dopeydog Active Member

    @rdo420- i only spent $44 it was for some cheap barney's seeds. they sent 12 seeds free marked nepalese hybrids. with no seed co. name on them. nothing special but then again i will grow them and see. maybe being Christmas they sent them?
    this was my first order from them i chose to go through them becouse of the $5 shipping. if i were to put out a big order i'd probly use attitude with the garantee shipping. they have come through for me as well with no issues in the past.

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    Dang maybe a Christmas promo thing like ya said. Never no freebies, lol. Yeah all my orders from um never been above $65. Trying to find some holy grail smoke off the radar. Cannacopia, leprechaun, and bean ho. etc.. All awesome smoke for sure. Next Im gonna try some forum favorites and see what the hype is about. Cool and good luck on everything.

    Kushyman Active Member

    My last order from Single Seed Center didn't seem to have gone through customs either, there was no declaration sticker or anything to do with customs on the package.
    I like hemp depot prices, i plan on giving them a try.

    poorboy1 Member

    longtime buyer from the hd,,,,,,good fast shipping decent prices,,,,,never lost a shipment,,,,,,,,which reminds me got to order some spring beans,,,

    Liddle Well-Known Member

    honna get me some kooteny strains for outdoor norther us this spring!

    eyes Well-Known Member

    are the seeds protected from being crushed? would like to order but dont want em crushed. thanks

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    I've had 3 orders so far and never no crushed beans. There's no stealth at all lol. And I believe it's up to the breeder maybe? Leprechauns seeds were sent crush proof, but the other 2 were not. I mean they were but if the mail was ruff on the ''package'' like super rough then they could've been crushed. Sorry for the vagueness, just don't want to really say how they ship, that'd be up to them.

    Blitzedgrowkid08 Well-Known Member

    I got 15 free NH's with my 80 dollar qrazy train order. One ant I have going from the NH's smells and looks so wonderful even at three weeks. Hope it's a she! Even if male I may attempt to keep pollen. It's from Malberry seeds btw.

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