Help!!!Maybe heat stress?

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    Let me know of you guys need more pics. This literally happened in a few hours. Went to turn on the lights and it looked fine at 10pm by 1am it looked like this. Thinking heat stress coz my heater somehow didnt register the temp in the room and didnt shut off(i keep it between 78-82degrees) when i went in the temp had to be in the mid 90s at least. Idk how to handle this. it literally did this in a split second. No root problems, no nute problems. Soil was pretty dry though as i forgot to water since i moved it a couple days ago for a new roomie to move in upstairs. Any suggestions? Can it be saved? Fyi the leaves on the bottom didnt wilt which makes me think heat coz it is cooler near the floor. I have some fresh clones down near the floor too and they didnt wilt either but havent established roots yet so im not ready to throw mum out.

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  2. If that's a mother plant that you value I'd give it a week or two to recover. Just don't panic overwater it and keep that temperature down. Since the lower growth is good you could top it down to that height if you wanted, but that probably isn't necessary.

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    Is the foil new? Foil can cause heat stress by reflecting light unevenly. A healthy plant should be able to handle a day in the 90s with a proper amount of water with no issues at all.

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    I ended up topping it. It totally died uptop and turned dark brown.

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    No the foil isn't new. I just switched grow rooms but is the same set up. I switched heaters though. Got a smaller more techy one so this doesnt happen again.

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