Harvest problem . . . .PLEASE ADVISE ASAP . . . .


To cut a long story short, there are approx 30 plants whih for whatever reason have been cut down. currently hanging, after being in black bin liners for 18hrs. Slightly soaked when taken out of the bin bags. No way can 1 person prune in the next day or so. What's the best way to preserve for at least 3 days. Odour is starting to go (don't want to lose that). I did see "the green house seed co" once cut and put straight in to cardboard box (leaves and all)... Please advise.... To recap - ut and straight into black bags. 18hrs later hung them up, slightly soaked. how to preserve while they are pruned (over a tleast 3-4 days)...

Thank you in advance


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I figure you just start trimming and do it as quick as you can and don't worry about it...when they are hanging without being trimmed it takes them twice as long to dry, so you will have time to do what you need to do. and even if you leave all the leaves on it is just more of a hassle to not trim prior to hanging...but it doesn't hurt anything...just takes longer to trim when you do go to do it.


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Yep, your plants will be fine... Just pack a bowl if possible and be cool... Unless u took em too early, you probably don't have many problems...