Harvest Day: Ultra Lemon Haze Auto

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    Nonagronomist Well-Known Member

    I started this grow 94 days ago in northern California, and today saw the first solid sign of amber trichomes. Breeder said 80-100 days, so that's not so bad.

    Genetics were stabilized Lemon Haze, Ruderalis for autoflowering and dwarfism, and some sort of faddidling to reintroduce Haze genetics to make the plant a bit more yieldy.

    Growth in 5-gal pot in a 'supersoil' of my own devising, so that additional nutrients were only added once, right before flower development went asymptotic at about Day 65.


    Just before the chop. You can see I only LSTed lightly, to get the side branches to develop a bit more.


    Here you can see the first flush of amber trikes, which is what made me pull the plug at day 94.


    Following the cut, trim, wash, spin, and drain process. Nice dense buds, approx. 150 grams soaking wet. Big fat ones to be hung in the BudTron 2000 cardboard box drying cabinet and the little ones to be popped into their very own paper bag from the grocery store. I'm estimating 75 grams dried and cured.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Grats on the haul, hope it turns out good for ya after your dry/cure phase.
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    ltecato Well-Known Member

    Very nice. I want to try some kind of auto haze, eventually. I popped some Lemon Haze beans that turned up in an eighth of flowers I got from a dispensary in LA, and got some nice females that produced flowers as strong as what I bought from the dispensary. Let us know how your stuff smokes!

    Nonagronomist Well-Known Member

    Now moved to long-term cure. Ended up at a respectable 62 grams, or almost 2.2 oz. Tasty and zippy even now, but I'm hoping for flavor enhancement as it cures.
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