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    I am a new grower and experiencing some problems early on...I have 5 clones that are only a week and half old they have been potted for roughly 5 days, I am having issues with yellows spots??? I messed up by feeding them nutrients a couple times when they need to be fed water for first 2 weeks. But I'm having real issues with one of them I've attached a picture. If somebody could help me diagnose the problem would be much appreciated. IMG-20161118-WA0000.jpg
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    mark rubino

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    This is the result of just water being fed?

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    While not a new grower, I do occasionally come across a problem. I have two plants that have leaf issues that I'm trying to figure out. The first one is a fem cross of blue ox and sour blackberry diesel (very dark leaf petioles).
    It's in a 3 gallon pot and really haven't done anything else different...all my plants are on the same flowering or veg cycle with the same nutes respectively. It's almost 2 weeks since flip and last time I fed was two weeks before flip.

    Same goes for this mostly sativa cross but this one I potted up to a 5 gallon a week before the flip because I knew from the parents this would outgrow the pot very quickly.
    Both of these plants had this before flowering but the one I repotted seemed to grow out of it. I can't tell if it is the same problem and just the totally different types of plants (very indica/very sativa) is the reason for the variation between the two, as far as the leaves are concerned. I originally thought the dog peed on them because he pisses on everything lol. Any leaf Dr.s out there that's seen something similar?​
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    No ideas?
    Ismail me7sen

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    Does this look like heat stress or does this strain grow like this its bluetooth strain(auto blueberry crossed with sweet tooth) its an autoflowering strain

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    Great guide, this is dope! Very resourceful and helpful.

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    Help Plz 20170201_143442.jpg 20170201_143449.jpg 20170201_143457.jpg 20170201_143513.jpg 20170201_143524.jpg 20170201_143520.jpg
    Is this a simple nitrogen deficiency or something I'm missing, they are potted in soil ph is between 6.5-6.7 my standard water comes out at 0.8ec. Used no notes until a few days ago and have added plagron terra grow and up ec to 1.0 for 1 feed.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    looks more like mag than N to me, but a light feed in ph'ed water couldn't hurt either way. make sure they're getting a chance to dry out a little between watering
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    Hello, I'm looking for advice. It's my first time growing Northern lights, and i am growing it the same way i did Cinderella 99 but i don't know if the strain has different nutrient requirements, since this coloration happened to lower leaves. I read it could be Ph, or calcium, or even Zinc, but i would appreciate an opinion from a more experienced grower.
    Or maybe it is normal for the third leaf - the second one is already yellowish - (following the cotyledons) to just die away this quickly (26th day of grow from seed)?

    Thank you very much for any helpful advice.
    20170206_113302-1.jpg 20170206_115429.jpg
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    Somebody please help... What's going on here? Never done soil before... I thought it was supposed to be easier....
    As you can see the lower portions are fine... This just started a couple days ago or at least it was just noticed a couple of days ago...

    Thought? 20170916_221302.jpg 20170916_221620.jpg

    HazednConfused Well-Known Member

    I would lean towards cal/mag deficiency.
    What light do you use? Any chance of light burn?

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    it's a 600w HPS lamp and it was think it was too close but not by that much... Raised it up about 8 inches. Thinking possibly nutrient lock out from pH levels or something??? Dunno.. Also gave it a double feeding of just pH 6.0 water.

    Also was thinking zinc.... Prob is the water used is tap and it's being fed micro,bloom,tigerbloom,superthrive,koolbloom,floralicious bloom so doubt it's a nut deficiency... if anything they just aren't getting the nutes????????? Just don't know... The amounts have been tapered so that the feedings aren't too much.... ???????????? at a loss. any info or even guesses would be much appreciated.
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    You need to give it a Double feeding of nutes:blsmoke:
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    with it being on new growth, i'd guess iron deficiency. make sure you have enough perlite or sand in your soil mix for good drainage, and keep your ph around 6.5 for a while. i don't think its cal or mag, but cal-mag usually comes with iron as well, so a good dose of cal-mag couldn't hurt

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    Didn't bother to buy calmag because reading about soil growing leads one to believe that using soil and tap water negate the need for such... Starting to wish they were in rockwool... know exactly whats needed to keep a plant in a cube healthy.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    @EveryBlueMoon Its not Magnesium, that will start low down the plant. Its not calcium because it looks nothing like that. Its not iron since it appears to start at the tips and work inward and iron does the opposite.
    It looks just like light burn. Top of the plant, fan leaves been the worse.
    I can see your thinking on zinc, but would of thought at that stage, for them to be that bad they would show more burned tips than they are. Its worth checking you micros and making sure there is zinc in them. Another thing worth knowing, just because they are getting all nutrients doesnt mean its not a deficiency, too much of one can stop uptake of another so you can be deficient with plenty in the medium. Too much P for example can limit the zinc uptake.
    I still think it looks like light burn though.
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    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    Thank you guys very much for your help.
    Really was thinking that it wasn't light burn but the lights have been raised and a feeding of plain pH 6.0 water delivered. She seems much happier now and things are moving forward as they should. Main concern was just that it's for another 3 weeks till harvest and at the rate things were going it wasn't looking good with respect to final results.

    Again thank you all for your input. You are all appreciated for your kindness and concern for another gardener...

    Have a great day and as always, HAPPY GROWING. :weed::leaf::hump:

    slumper707 Active Member

    One of Mine was doing that about 4weeks in. I'm was growing in soil for the first time indoor. What sombody told me to do was to flush it and check the ph of the water after you flush. When it comes out the bottom of the pot. If the ph is good next feeding give it a light feeding. Check the ph again at the pot runoff and if its good the next feeding you can feed like normal. It worked for me. 1 1/2 into what he told me to do and it was back to normal. He said the reason being soil likes to hold a lot of salt from the nutes in return gives your girl a complete nut lockout. I'm a new grower so I never new that. He also told me that soil indoors he recommends flushing like every other feeding cause the soil retains so much salt.

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