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    I've read these and yes they are very good but I'm still not sure what my problem is. The leaves start getting yellow spots then curl up and die. They are in Fox Farm s View attachment 1790000 oil and are in the 4th week of flowering. They have nice juicy buds and are getting very sticky. Any ideas of what my problem is? Pics attached. I am feeding with Botanicare Pro Bloom 1-4-5 20cc per gallon. View attachment 1789999

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    looks like old phosphorous got me too...thanx for the tip

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    i think this is awsome yet simple guide, very convienet. thanx very helpful. i was just wondering 1 thing= how can u always differentiate btwn nute deficiancy and lighting? like if the light is to far (for cfl's in my case) the stem can get spindly, or w/ no fan or like in my case 1 had fertilizer burn...1 had been burned b/c of bulb. the color i can tell the difference 4 that. but sometimes i wonder how much is light w/ cfl's and nutes. btw i gave my plants nutes when they were to young but they recovered. so i understood the yellowing part. but curling , cn that happen b/c of light/heat?

    thanx in wishes & happy growing

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    Snapshot_20110920_2.JPG 9.18.2011.JPG thats not basil!.JPG about 25 days maybe..JPG almost a month.JPG sorry i wanted to show pics there a little over 3 wks. NOT CLONES tho.

    day.9.20.2011.JPG i transplanted these 2 today...should have never done that! but color varies and they still look healthy SOMETIMES....above 2nd pic looks paler than the other. idk,,,,,,i need to learn much more.....any suggestions, advice or contructuctive criticism. thanx ,..............joey

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    so one of my seedling in about week 3 is just about all yellow and i believe from reading the problems it is N deficiency... but its to earlyer to feed it so wut should i do?

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    sry the link didnt work. but does anyone have any input in what i should do? just wait it out till i could feed or should i give a very very small dose of grow big

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    Great links!

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    100_3393.jpg what does this look like 100_3389.jpg trying to get to grow inside under 9-100 watt clfs.comes up looks good t 100_3388.jpg hen begins to die..i planted 3 more outside and they look good.what am i doing wrong here is small grow box i am tryin to use for the winter--- 100_3383.jpg

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    Hi all! Any ideas what could cause this? These leaves are not on the very top so I don't think it's because of the heat from the light. I have a 250w CFL(red) about 6 inches away from the top of the plant and the temperature is about 26-28 ℃. It has been fed about 9 days ago when watered with Biobizz bio grow half amount of what the bottle says. I would start feeding with some bio bloom but I'm not sure what causes these brown dots on the leaves so I don't want to overfeed the plant if that was the reason. Any ideas guys? I really appreciate your opinions! Thank you!

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    I wish I was a Pro. My Indica has yellow rings, like dots and my sativa has yellow leafs with small white speks all over the leafs. What to do? please help!

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    any idea about tiny black spots on the leaves they are wiltin up but the stem is still healthy so are the flowers??

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    Great thread
    Muchness Helpness! :)

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    yellow rings?
    Give the sativa more N.​
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    Great post.Before reading this post I just know about triberr but after reading it I am willing to try it.

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    My lowryders keep dying! I'm thinking it is too cold, it gets to
    50 by the window at times, -27 outside this week. My other plants
    are dealing with it but they were outside. Of three seeds, one
    did not come up, two came up and died in a day, one was all moldy under
    some plastic wrap over pot. Pretty pricey
    seeds. Opinions? J
    (just started a seed in a pot, inside a old crock pot that keeps soil at 90 degrees. will see.)

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    Could someone please tell me what the problem with this plant is? It mainly happens on older leaves, then they fall off eventually.
    View attachment 1992193

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    Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?

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    This thread sucks ass, LOL. No one is here.

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