Growing and toking in paradise! Legally!

Discussion in 'Hawaii Patients' started by ILikeKindBud, Nov 1, 2014.


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    Just wanted to say HI to all my island peeps. Have been living and growing here for two years. I am a Colorado native and have been following the medical and legal progress their very closely. I look forward to meeting fellow Medical growers here in HI and all over the world. I see this forum doesn't get much traffic, but lets change that and talk about growing Island buds!
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    Hey there,
    Just saw your post. Thought I'd let you know that a lot of the Hawaii comments can be found at

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Don't keep the rest of us
    'Out in the Cold'
    Keep us informed as to how things are progressing,
    legal wize?

    ILikeKindBud Active Member

    Thanks for the link mmjmon. Ill look at it after typing this!

    Vostok, here in HI we can have up to seven plants, three flowering. This law changes in January and you can have all 7 at whatever age. This is a very exciting development. We don't have dispensaries here yet, in fact still illegal to buy or sell any amount of weed. From what I can tell many of the long time growers here like it that way, don't want their shit taxed or told where it has to be sold.

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